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Newsday: Greg Logan has the recap of the Islanders 3-2 win with comments from head coach Scott Gordon pointing out other teams surrender leads in the third period also, Doug Weight on getting back to five hundred with so many injuries as confidence in the system improves and Joey MacDonald who talked about weathering the storm early against the Senators in the first.

Newsday: Mr Logan's other article was on the possible return of Brendan Witt who has taken part in practices and hopes to play by Friday with his comments about his injury along with more from head coach Scott Gordon on Josh Bailey and the coach sending a fax on Friday indicating Pock's suspension was a step up in discipline for a player with no previous suspensions.

Newsday: Jim Baumbach did his best Mark Herrmann impersonation doing Islander viability, could relocate, low attendance article number (who knows) telling us Charles Wang should speak up now about the status of the Lighthouse.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Nothing like Jim Baumbach to pour as much cold water he can on sweeping a club who have dominated them since they entered the league and not even cover the game when he is assigned. He even wrote some people's evaluations of the youth on this team are inflated like he wanted to be anywhere else.

I'm sure Monday we will get Luongo's comments on the Nassau Coliseum if the Islanders win again as part of this expanded coverage.

I wonder how many more folks would be at the games if Newsday talked up the players the last decade instead of running the club down every chance they could or outright ignoring them like when it's franchise player starts the All-Star game while putting down any attempt at bringing back alumni as nothing more than a ticket grab?

Newsday can only took at themselves in the mirror when they did nothing on the 25th anniversary of the first cup back on 5/24/05.

Newsday coverage has only served to drive fans away which does not happen in other cities where the club struggles. The media does not beat them down like this every other week and it seems the staff takes turns.

Players who do well here are considered under-rated in national media circles and it has nothing to do with the building or the attendance but the reporting.

If Mr Baumbach or the Newsday staff wants to know what's going on why don't they have Mark Harrington who does most of the business-related articles on this subject go interview Town of Hempstead Supervisor Kate Murray and get some comments or the other key players who have a vote? Instead I guess the plan is get Mr Wang talking so Newsday can rip whatever he says sooner or later.

Maybe Mr Baumbach should stay home and let us enjoy a win for a change?

Daily News: Peter Botte was given some descent space for a change and had postgame from Scott Gordon, Doug Weight and Joey MacDonald on the 4-2-1 Islanders in their last seven.

Ottawa Citizen Alan Panzeri & Ottawa Sun: Has the Senators coverage which includes Bruce Garroich who had a lot from captain Bill Guerin about Pock's hit where he felt the NHL must send this kind of message with longer suspensions because the NHLPA is not going to take money out of players pockets or force them to sit out here. Report former Islander draft pick Luciano Aquino has been signed by the Reading Royals of the ECHL, affiliate of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Sound Previews Sunday's game against the Aeros while the Houston Chronicle's has coverage Chronicle here.

The Republican: Gary Brown has comments from AHL President Dave Andrews and John Graham, a Toronto businessman who promoted the two Sound Tiger games in Summerside and St Johns after building a relationship with the club.

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