New York 3, Ottawa 2

New York Islander Fan Central | 11/15/2008 09:46:00 PM |

Canadian Press & Associated Press: Recaps the Islanders 3-2 win against the Ottawa Senators Saturday sweeping the only home and home the club will play this season.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
For about forty eight minutes I loved what I saw.

MacDonald was rock solid with some big saves, the defense blocked shots and closed up the passing lanes and after somewhat of a slow start the Islanders started getting some chances. Bailey had a few nice passes in the first, Okposo a few good looks at the net.

A few mistakes too, Martinek coughed one up on what seems the worst ice in the league these days, it's a storyline at every home game now with Bailey and others falling on their own.

Bergenheim a setup and rush to the goal to put in a rebound and Nielsen a very nice move with the powerplay for Sim to bang in the 2-0 goal and the Islanders were taking the play away from Ottawa. Guerin had some great chances and was a little too generous, Hunter was everywhere in the offensive zone. Streit was jumping in and Weight was finding the passing lanes. Hilbert was playing great hockey, Jackman was making plays and clearing pucks.

Islanders were getting stronger and started buzzing in the third with Ottawa pinned in their own end, Campoli scored a beautiful goal with a shot that he seem to want to put top corner. It was one of the best stretches I had seen this season early in the third as they outskated a fast team.

3-0 and the Islanders looked completely in control with a four minute powerplay.

No killer instinct against a club that looked done.

Ottawa attacked the Islander powerplay, shut things down and drew a powerplay of their own and scored a goal. You could see the Islanders stop skating after that the Senators took the play at them as best as they could putting Spezza, Alfredsson and Heatley together.

Islanders held for a while but it was not the same club as they stopped skating or getting in on Auld. MacDonald again was just very compact, controlled his rebounds and saw the puck very well but finally the 3-2 goal.

They held on with no huge scrambles the final minute but it was harder than it should have been.

Credit to Jackman for going at one of the tougher players in the league and for the Islanders sweeping a team that has until recently has had their number.

It should have been easier but home ice is no advantage for this club. Maybe this is the start because they need another fifty minutes plus ten on Monday.

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