Nielsen Out Eight-Twleve Weeks/Mottau Two Games

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Islanders website: Announced center Frans Nielsen is out for eight-twelve weeks with what is being described as multiple leg injuries.

Newsday: Mr Logan in the Islanders Newsday blog reported Nielsen did not sustain a concussion and that Mike Mottau was given only a two game suspension.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Just a horrible loss to see any player injured, Nielsen's speed is what was making his game so effective and this could have a Trent Hunter-like effect where we do not see the same player afterward. Eight-twelve weeks in instances like this can be more also.

It sure seems like a slap on the wrist suspension but I guess Mr Campbell does not feel a player injuring his leg because of a hit to the head is related. So much for the resulting in an injury part.

And it was a player with his arms and stick above the shoulder that made some contact with the head. (chin/neck)

Mr Campbell simply has no business being in this role, it seems too much for one person anyway but about what I expected. No amount of games given to Mottau changes the loss of Nielsen to the Islanders and that's the bottom line.

Newark Star-Ledger: Colin Stephenson has comments from Devils President/GM Lou Lamoriello, Mike Mottau on the suspension and their take on what happened.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I think if Andy Hilbert or Richard Park hit Zach Parise like that and he twisted his leg the wrong way and was out eight-twelve weeks and they were laughing afterward the suspension would be different just as we saw a clear double-standard with Simon and Pronger.

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