New York 4, Buffalo 2

New York Islander Fan Central | 11/22/2008 10:09:00 PM |

Associated Press: Reports the Islanders on Saturday defeated the Buffalo Sabres 4-2 along with Sports Network recap here

NYI Fan Central Comments:
After last night they had to have two points here and they found a way, granted they played a struggling opponent but this is the kind of team that is supposed to give the Islanders trouble because of their speed.

Joey MacDonald did what number one goalies are supposed to do and that is keep their team in the game which is exactly what happened in the second period, he did not have to make a bunch of big saves but did not allow any poor goals. Huge win for the Islanders and MacDonald who you think would be a little shaken after five goals the night before but kept his composure and got the job done.

Cannot ask for any more from a goaltender.

Confidence and results are everything in this league, that's why we see teams like Buffalo and Ottawa pressing despite their speed and skill.

Where was the Islanders desperation being out shot 18-2 against a struggling team?

Nice shot by Streit, good deflection by Sim but does not change how the period played out where the Sabres did block some chances. Guerin made a very nice cut to the net for his goal which is exactly where he needs to be shooting, Weight made a good pass to Hilbert who found Guerin.

Islanders again came out and had early powerplays (nice work between Weight-Guerin-Bailey) but could not make them pay off at a point where they needed to finish a play. Lalime made a few good stops too.

Would like to see Bailey use his shot.

Hilbert one way or another is creating goals, this one off a deflection of a Trent Hunter shot on a slick backhand pass from Bailey. Hilbert's pass to Guerin was off a very good start of the third where the Islanders came out and skated.

Colliton had five blocked shots to lead the club, Fritz dropped Peters for his two minutes and had a chance or two on offense. Weight two more points and almost twenty minutes of ice time?

Good defensive effort from the backline with Scott Gordon aside from Streit keeping everyone under twenty minutes. Witt had one very good defensive play.

Third four goal game of the season, I think for now it's time for the media to forget the blown third period lead angle because it seems to be in the past.

I think what Bergenhiem did before the Sabres second goal would be what Peter Laviolette used to call a " drive-by " or did not want a ten-game suspension for the hit he looked like he could have thrown.

Right after that he had a great shift with Weight and Guerin where Rivet robbed Weight and Bergenheim did some great work. Killed any momentum for Buffalo off the goal they scored.

More recap tomorrow updated in this blog entry but the Islanders had to get two points after last night.

We'll see what they can do on Monday in Montreal as Scott Gordon has a goaltending decision to make.

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