Philadelphia 3, New York 1

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Associated Press: Has the recap of the Islanders 3-1 loss to the Flyers on Tuesday afternoon, Josh Bailey made his NHL debut.

The Sports Network: Has head coach Scott Gordon's comments about his teams five on three powerplay but credited the Islanders five on five play.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
You cannot get five on three powerplays in this league, be so stationary and predictable the other team can outnumber you on the puck. The five on four early did better than the five on three.

One Flyer even broke a stick for a five on two and the Islanders did not get in the high quality spot and made a pass for an open net shot.

Games are won and lost in different ways and this is where the Islanders lost today against an opposing team that could not get out of it's own way most of the day themselves.

Islanders started well, some deflected shots, Biron made a few good saves but forwards could not get him moving or set up many screens. Nielsen created some very good chances, the Flyers put one on on his stick he needed to finish. Tambellini found Okposo in the second, Bergenheim found Weight. Guerin had mostly low percentage chances or flubbed the shot.

Streit had a nice play or two but seemed forced to put some low quality outside shots on goal himself with the powerplay, opposing coaches are not going to let Streit beat them and no doubt are the one player the opposition would key on covering. Obviously teams are not going to cover Weight expecting a big shot or a rush at the net, it almost begs the question why not put Campoli in that spot alongside Streit and go with speed?

Watching this offense trying to score was like trying to thread a needle with a sledgehammer creating a high quality chance. Mishandle the puck or go for a low percentage pass or play catch on the perimeter and wait for the turnover.

Or the Islanders shoot from spaces a goaltender should make the save.

This is what happens on a roster without a player who can finish who can make a skill play at the net. Bergenheim made the only one I saw all day that worked and it was not on the powerplay.

Defense was solid enough, Guerin lost Asham on a play, Pock made a great early play on Carter to hold him off from an angle, Sutton had some big hits and solid play.

MacDonald gave them every chance to win and robbed Asham in the third. A skilled shooter like Briere knows how to find the soft shot and exploited it on the first goal which is one MacDonald would want back, Scott Gordon wanted the defense to join the play so Sutton pinched.

Flyers scored what turned out to be the winning goal on a play where Weight looked like Satan on the point with the powerplay core of the four weekend and it was all or nothing.


MacDonald made a big save but no chance on the rebound.

Hunter had the teaser goal on a shot that finally beat a goaltender who is good for one going through every game. Bailey took an offensive zone penalty and that was it.

Bailey was a little tentative for a first game but the puck seemed to find him a lot more than Tambellini and Okposo who both seemed to fade in the third.

To be fair it was not a bad effort at all today, Islanders controlled play for a good part of the day, Biron lets in a few softies or some bounces go the Islanders way we could easily have been talking about a win.

But the big picture says two points that were in play today the Islanders badly needed and again they came out with nothing. It's almost time to ask if you are Garth Snow do you shake the veteran mix or just hope some players start finishing?

I hate to write it but will, this team is due for a stretch of games where they do not score.

I have written this before, I will write it again.

It's getting late early. A skilled skating team is going to exploit the Islanders
inability to finish sooner or later in a sixty minute game early.

Here comes Ottawa back to back.
***************************************************** Reports Bridgeport lost to Binghampton in a shootout this afternoon
4-3. Rob Hennigar scored his first two AHL goals in his regular season return to Canada.

Blake Comeau did not play with an injury, Peter Mannino had twenty four saves, Chris Lee two assists.

Mr Fornabaio in the Ct Post had a live blog here.

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