Pittsburgh 5, New York 3

New York Islander Fan Central | 11/26/2008 10:40:00 PM |
Sports Network: Has the recap of the Islanders 5-3 loss against Pittsburgh on Wednesday night.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Hate to write it, but I could see it coming. Islanders had Pittsburgh on the ropes with Sabourin pulled, got a powerplay and it looked like last year with the Pens getting the better chances, carrying the play and Malkin hitting a post.

It was like they went out not to get scored on and the Pens came right at them several times with MacDonald robbing Staal.

Felt like the ice and the game shifted right there and even with the lead were in trouble.

I know that's a talented team with a 7-1-1 record that can score like this on anyone but you have them in that spot you have to put them away and force their defense that was giving up chances. Islanders look very satisfied with the lead and some world class players made them pay on the 2-3, 3-3 goals in a way the Pens usually do not score against the Islanders.

Curry barely had to break a sweat on his end.

Sutton got a bad break on the game winner, kind of the same break the Islanders got when the puck bounced on a Penguin for Hunter to score.

No idea what was going on with Doug Weight late or why Scott Gordon did not use his timeout. MacDonald in the opening minutes gave them every chance with five very good saves on the Penguins opening powerplay.

I would love to write about the good things they did for about thirty five minutes when they skated and forced mistakes but what they did the last twenty five was the hockey game and the story. Bailey had his assist, Weight had his play for a goal but it means nothing if this is how things play out with two points on the table.

Islanders stopped skating or ran out of gas, they paid huge and this was not with
a lot of defenders out, this is Radek Martinek and Brendan Witt on home ice that is supposed to close out games.

Every team is this division is winning games in big bunches and all gained two more points on the Islanders. That's a huge loss following a game they got a gift to win a game on the road that can send a club into a big tail spin.

Cannot happen.

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