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Newsday is promising another Lighthouse update for Thanksgiving, with Mark Herrmann around the club I hope it's not his latest Islander viability article number whatever that we see written every few weeks.

Hopefully Mr Herrmann just writes about the sports and a team that has earned some talk about it's play.

Unless one of the business writers like Mark Harrington have something here there is very little left to say from the sports department.

Kate Murray made her comments, Mr Botta at My Point Blank was mostly critical of her here and has plenty of past background as an insider as to what was done/when vs what is delaying things to know if she is being honest.

Hopefully Mr Wang-Mr Rechler have nothing to say. Less is more and complaining to a Newspaper solves nothing as we have learned over a decade of this game. Mr Wang's getting plenty of support with his silence.

Ms Murray's comments about allowing Wang-Rechler to pay hundreds of millions to renovate Nassau County's building by itself is an insult unless the county offered something that pays them something back to make that feasible.

Her comments about Mr Bettman are not welcome (nor were Bettman's about her) and Mr Botta correctly points out the NHL generates a lot of revenue for Nassau County and without Charles Wang as owner it will come down to Nassau County and the NHL.

This is not how you make a pro sports league feel welcomed and again if Mr Bettman &
Ms Murray want to talk this is not how you go about it.

Having written this a measured response from all parties working together is the only place left to go. The alternative is awful for everyone including Nassau County.
I did not have anything to write about DiPietro's comments in the Post and was almost shocked to see Dan Martin was allowed to cover an Islander off-day practice after a road-trip. He was given more space than most games receive.

I felt bad for the goaltender and obviously he will not be ready within the projected time frame. Nothing he can do but get himself healthy but this is something new for him and a very bitter pill to swallow.

His reputation is one of the best goaltenders in the NHL who can carry a club and did last season, he was the biggest reasons they were in sixth last January.

Most discouraged he ever seemed in print and obviously all he wants to do is win a cup for this franchise. He is not having the exact same injuries, something else keeps happening.

Long-term hopefully it's just a big part of one year. I suspect when he finally gets back to full health he will be as good as ever, we will see him this season.
Very busy time with all the defenders healthy and scratches required which has to be a very bitter pill for Bruno Gervais. Bailey's decision by Friday, Okposo perhaps by the weekend and Sillinger's return.

It's getting interesting on and off the ice. Gervais is not a player like Aaron Johnson, he has a three year contract and has never sat healthy for an extended time.

Big if but everyone stays healthy something has to give on the backline.

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