The Problem is the Atlantic Division

New York Islander Fan Central | 11/28/2008 09:06:00 AM |
Every season has trends, this one is no different.

Last year's standout trend was two goals or less fourteen games in a row, this years it's the record against the Atlantic.

Wednesday was the first time Pittsburgh star players just took over a game against the Islanders and dominated when the two points were on the line, that did not happen in eight games last year.

Last year Islanders had the following division head to head records:
Penguins 3-5 (Witt late deflection goal/Simon stomp/53 shot loss decided series)
Devils 6-1-1 (Isles opened 6-0)
Flyers 1-6-1 (special teams dictated the series)
Rangers 5-3 (Isles opened 3-0, won both Msg games March/April)

This year:
Penguins 0-1-1
Flyers 0-1-1
Devils 0-2
Rangers 1-1

One regulation win in eight games, three overtime losses. Four out of a possible sixteen points.

Combine that with the third period games lost with the lead and that tells the Islanders story in terms of the standings with the injuries.

Almost the entire division is on a big winning streak.

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