Sunday NHL Notables

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USA Today: Kevin Allen in his blog recaps the Tampa Bay Lightning owners questionable decisions but also feels if the team is starting to win games, it's working.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Interesting I did not see a lot of these articles for the better part of two plus years after Neil Smith was fired and Garth Snow's team were in a playoff spot?

Also anything the Islanders did that summer pales in comparison to the litany of odd moves by Tampa's incoming ownership in one summer. I guess if you keep making moves there is too much to keep up with so the media tunes out.

Espn: Pierre LeBrun in his blog space had a few words about the St Louis Blues and the terrible runs on injuries they have had this season.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Too bad Garth Snow was not a broadcaster before he became a gm so he could build bonds with people who would listen to his story and write the same things about the Islanders injuries going back almost a full year.

The media will have Davidson's back regardless of the fact the Blues have finished behind the Islanders. Will Andy Murray be the scapegoat if the injuries continue or Larry Pleau's exit be sooner than later?

Quick Hits:
* So once again Dallas has some lockeroom controversy with Mike Modano calling out players on his team along with a poor record. How come inexperienced Brett Hull is not drawing criticism being that he was a former player named as a co-general manager with no experience?

* Of course I'm thrilled Mark Parrish had a hat-trick. Garth Snow has done some classy things giving Sudgen and Parrish tryouts. I did not see Parrish as part of the answer here unless Bill Guerin left.

* I found it fascinating the AP did a huge write up on the Chicago Blackhawks and barely mentioned firing Denis Savard here in a move that would have been the only
story if the New York AP hockey writers reported on our club despite the fact both the Islanders and Hawks had twelve sellouts last season and the Islanders a higher season ticket list a few years ago based on what the Islanders have have told the media.

* If I am going to write and complain about Colin Campbell, I also have to give him his due as well. Apparently the league is reviewing Darcy Tucker's actions against the Wild's Nick Schultz according to Michael Russo in the Star Tribune here.

* So sad that hockey fans buy into Forbes estimates about the value of sports teams and estimates about what they make or lose. I guess when the league does not provide information from it's audits or what revenue is made/shared a lot of poor assumptions are made and Forbes with no access to any teams books exploits that with the hockey fans. Part of the CBA negotiations was an outsider investigator would be given the numbers for every team with penalties for failing to disclose information.

We missed hockey for a full year, why not tell the public? We do not need ads thanking us but a little honesty about the business.

For my money anything that Forbes contributes is complete guesswork with nothing provided from specific teams or the league. Anyone who links to Forbes as a source of information about NHL accounting is not doing their readers a good service.

The Nassau County Fire Fighters Operation Wounded Warrior (NCFF-OWW)here will be collecting care packages at the main box office entrance and Gate 16. If you can stop by and help these folks in their efforts it would be greatly appreciated.

NCFF-OWW is a registered non-profit organization of Fire Fighters who run a collection campaign of care package items prior to the holidays for the past several years.

During the first weekend in December the group will be involved with "Long Red Line" of fire vehicles that bring the collections to the Wounded Warriors who will be spending their holidays recovering in Hospitals away from their families who visit, Fr. Bragg, Camp Lejeune, Bethesda Naval and Walter Reed Army Hospitals.