Frustration for coach, players will only get worse

New York Islander Fan Central | 12/19/2008 07:09:00 AM | |
The one thing I liked about this club going into this season is there were no players on it who talked a better game then they played.

For all the even strength goals Richard Park or Andy Hilbert will not score they give everything they have and leave it all on the ice.

I do not see anyone on this team who does not play the same way, even if the collective results have not been good at all.

Folks want to say Tambellini did not produce or create chances that's fair enough but he went into the corners and took hits to make plays, he tried to fight at Msg, it was not enough for Tambellini or anyone.

One thing for sure we can expect is more items like Brendan Witt's comments and frustration among the players (especially the veterans) which we saw from Doug Weight after Tuesday's loss.

Players like Weight would trade every assist he has to win some games, that is the kind of player you want here.

A lot of pride among the players who do not care about NHL previews or expectations and came into the season expecting to be a better team for the changes. No one is going through the motions but the results do not lie.

When you do not win and struggle like this you have to expect a frustrated coach and a lot of upset players. Losing like this has to be very new for Scott Gordon who is also facing more media and a lot of veterans in their thirties.

I think something would be wrong (and worse) if there was not a lot of frustration, most teams will go through the same thing when they struggle like this.

Expect a lot more frustration from Witt, Guerin, Weight, Sillinger, Park, MacDonald and as they return and maybe struggle DiPietro, Comrie unless we see a winning streak put together quickly.

Expect it from Scott Gordon and Garth Snow too.

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