New York 4, Florida 2

New York Islander Fan Central | 12/31/2008 02:57:00 PM |

Happy New Year to Everyone from NYIFC.

I'll take the win, sloppy game by both sides.

So much for all the time off and going to Bridgeport for Sillinger not having hip problems flare up. No fifteen year contract or targeted by the media, no criticism.

As for the game...

That's about the worst I have seen an opposing team play against the Islanders this year but the Islanders did some good things here too as the game progressed and earned the win.

Game did not start well for the home team, a high scoring/skilled club may have put the game away early with the chances Florida generated and that is unacceptable.

Nathan Horton, David Booth, and a few other first period chances team defense was just invisible which there is simply no excuse for to start a hockey game, the Islander won but that does not mean it should be ignored.

Joey MacDonald was making some fantastic saves from close in or it would have been 3-0 within the first ten minutes, good to see him finally get a win for as well as he has played.

Trevor Smith had some good early chemistry with Sim and was visible, I know he had to play an off wing today.

I agree with the no-goal call on Sim, the overhead showed Vokoun seemingly at the very top of his crease on this disallowed goal, Sim made contact so even if it were reviewed (I do not think that is reviewable) it would have been inconclusive. The second time in the third when Sim was in front again and the puck entered the net was a fast whistle but at least he is getting involved more.

Having written that we see a lot of marginal goaltender interference calls where the goal is waved off and there is no penalty.

Islander powerplay seemed to have the only sustained forecheck in the first.

Comeau-Okposo-Comrie again looked good. I don't care about the goal so much off Comrie's skate but the position they worked their way into is what I looked for with some other chances they created.

One thing about Comrie, he can create goals and finish. This is why it's not as easy as plugging in Thompson, Park, Jackman or Hilbert and expect the same goals or point totals regardless of how many other things they do to help the club.

Heck of a move by Bergenheim (off right wing side) for the 3-1 goal (Jiggs had him mistaken with Jackman) prior to that but he played well enough.

First time I have seen anything bounce off Vokoun for goals against our team. I guess the Islanders were due for a break and their goaltender got one as well to start the third when he was benched.

Overall a sloppy third period and overall game for both sides with Guerin-Streit getting a two on none and not fooling Craig Anderson while two Islander third period powerplays they almost gave up a goal to Gregory Campbell and the other Okposo got checked in his own end with the team not able to pay two passes together.

After that Guerin got another breakaway, drew a penalty and finally the powerplay set up a good chance in Florida's end of the ice. It looked like Streit's shot changed direction with Weight in front which ended the competitive part of this game.

Isles got more quality chances and a few more bounces, Florida got a bounce for it's goal to open the scoring.

Now we see what happens on the road trip which is four games (not five I wrote) a few times.

Great listening to Jiggs. I think he had the best line in the post-game after Scott Gordon spoke forever and said for the life of me I do not remember the question.

Neither did I, he did not stop talking and was all over the place.

This has to be very tough on Scott Gordon.

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