DiPietro vs Sillinger Double-Standard time?

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So let me get this correct, Rick DiPietro practices for a few weeks under the radar of the clubs invisible media (with no ITV practice coverage and virtually no pregame video) he returns against Toronto, sits for a few days because of soreness and is back practicing and most of the media takes shots at him?

By comparison Mike Sillinger has HIP surgery, sits out for months and well into the next season, does the Bridgeport conditioning assignment.

Finally he returns and is in/out of the lineup with groin and now hip problems?

So how come the same media taking shots at DiPietro are not critical of Sillinger or the club the exact same way for their handling of his recovery?

They do not even write a word about Sillinger?

Sure seems from here it has nothing to do with any injury and lot more about a double standard in coverage based on personal bias against some players.
At first I liked a lot of the things Doug Weight was saying about the staff and wanting to stay, playing for Scott Gordon and wanting be part of turning things around.

I agree he should be talking about ten game winning streaks and getting back in the playoff chase.

However the more he talks, the more it comes off like someone making demands saying he is done being rented out or would not return if traded.

Newsflash for Doug Weight, whether you decide to play or not you are in no position to tell anyone you are done being rented out unless you signed a NTC.

If he were traded and decided to instead retire or not resign here, that is his choice and has to be respected. I can also understand wanting to stay in a place where he has been productive and getting a better opportunity than he would on many teams and should be upset with discussion of being traded again.

Having written all this what started off as wanting to stay and a positive from Doug Weight is now bordering on issuing ultimatums when at this point he should know better than anyone this is a business and veterans are traded from struggling clubs.

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