Okposo four-six weeks, more changes

New York Islander Fan Central | 12/05/2008 02:08:00 PM |
Newsday: Mr Logan in the Islanders Newsday blog & Mr Botta in Point Blank here report Kyle Okposo will now miss four-six weeks (starting today) with what is being described as a sprained wrist.

Mr Botta asked head coach Scott Gordon about this and if a younger forward will be recalled?

Nate Thompson also returned to practice with Mitch Fritz returned to Bridgeport.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I'm of the school that you need a balance of prospects and veterans.

If a Bill Guerin or Doug Weight are injured you need a veteran to replace him, if a Tambellini, Okposo, Nielsen are hurt you need a prospect to keep the balance correct.

I do not see a youth movement when Bailey-Tambellini-Bergenheim with Thompson a fringe prospect to be kind is the mix. When a game is on the line and it's Park-Hilbert on the ice at a time you need a goal, do not count on them finishing.

Not much more I can write about Okposo that I did not write the other day about the clubs injuries? How does a team give a few days prognosis then he is out four-six weeks with a setback?

Too many players are getting re-injured, some without even playing in games. Is Thompson ready to stay healthy or just return long enough to get hurt again?

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