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Newsday: John Jeansonne has Bill Guerin's comments about the role of captain and how tough it's been with a team struggling badly while head coach Scott Gordon also discusses the role of captain in a teams structure.

Freddy Meyer and Rick DiPietro are out for Tuesday's game.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Bottom line if Guerin-Gordon are not on the same page, the lockeroom will be in question. Both Weight and Guerin have praised this coach repeatedly but this is a results oriented business and there is supposed to be a lot of frustration.

It's kind of funny we do not see Newsday staff do these kind of articles on the Cablevision owned Knicks virtually every other day which would hurt ticket sales and the club's perception with the public and advertisers. Guerin and Gordon's comments are fine here but the writer quips are pathetic with the old movie and Titanic references.

The writers in Atlanta, Tampa do not pull this in the local paper on the Thrashers and Lightning.

This kind of treatment only seems reserved for the New York Islanders among struggling local clubs. Former Islander beatwriter Alan Hahn was lobbing some big time softballs for Knick gm Donnie Walsh in a similar article today when the paper is not running down Stephon Marbury in a staff effort to save the company money in a future buyout.

National Post: Tom Blackwell has Mike Bossy comments on the advantages of playing at home vs the intimidation of playing in Philadelphia back during his playing career.

NY Times: Nathan Sandals in the Times hockey blog had a few words on Islander prospect David Toews scoring in a win.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabauio has Trevor Smith's comments about his callup to the Islanders, his first NHL goal and what it was like watching Bill Guerin and Doug Weight. Head coach Jack Capuano also comments.

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