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Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio in his blog reports all three goaltenders were in Bridgeport at practice.

This means no recall of Yann Danis (or another goaltender) at this time. With Bridgeport having a rematch with Hartford Wednesday it could mean Danis starts Wednesday and is recalled to start Thursday-Saturday.

After this five game stretch at home, Islanders have an eight day break and then roughly nine weeks of games until the end of the season.

Point Blank: Mr Botta reports on practice (Newsday already has Steve Zipay's Ranger blog from practice) with head coach Scott Gordon telling him Nate Thompson and Frans Nielsen will play Tuesday with a focus on the young players getting more powerplay time.

NYI Fan Central Comments:

This is where ITV and the website has really let us down this year far too often. No practice report, no video of the coaches press conference with the media. Last year
Ted Nolan was on ITV no matter how tough it got virtually every day, Chris King and Steve Mears had ten-fifteen minutes of practice video.

This year between the sub par pre-post game articles and this it's been far worse.

Newsday: Mark Herrmann has some praise for the Devils who apparently will sign Brendan Shanahan but of course gets out his real message which is to talk about the Devils attendance and their viability in this hockey market playing their system.

NYI Fan Central Comments:

He never takes these kids of digs at the Rangers. Not now, not when they were the biggest laughingstock in hockey. What does the Devils signing Shanahan have to do with their attendance or viability?

What Mr Herrmann will have no part of it's it's practically just as bad for the Rangers whether he wants to acknowledge it or not with their viability and a defensive system that Brent Sutter's Devils do not play. I expect it will not be good Wednesday morning from Mark Herrmann whether the Islanders win or lose if he covers the game but we'll hope for some fair coverage.

Newsday: Neil Best did not tell us the New York number for the winter classic which was below top ten in markets but eleven days later Nielsen/NBC/Cablevision finally found a Ranger angle for the outdoor game by pointing out NBC said the Jan. 1 Winter Classic was watched by an average of 4.4 million viewers, making it the most-viewed NHL regular-season game since 5.4 million saw the Flyers and Rangers play on NBC on Feb. 23, 1975.

NYI Fan Central Comments:

No shock Neil Best would want no part of including game six of the 1980 finals between the Islanders and Flyers had a 4.4/17 rating here and was the highest rated hockey game on broadcast television for decades.

Game one of the Wings-Flyers final generated a 4.0 rating equal, that series overall was seen in 6.3 million homes here as the official rating number for that four game sweep which featured Garth Snow seeing action for Philadelphia.

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