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Newsday: Greg Logan's game recap of the Islanders 3-1 loss to the Devils (no quotes at this time) had an earlier article and comments from Wade Dubielewicz, general manager Garth Snow and Columbus gm Scott Howson on the goaltender being claimed by Columbus on waivers here.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Snow knew Columbus was negotiating with the Jackets and there was a chance of this happening. No blame at all on GM Scott Howson, he has every right to improve his club within the rules. Maybe the play should have been for Snow to turn down Dubie wait for another club to sign him and then make the claim but that's easy for me to write.

Newark Star Ledger: Colin Stephenson has the recap of the Devils win.

Newsday: Mr Logan has gm Garth Snow's comments who confirmed the teams Saskatoon camp announcement Monday and three year deal with an option to renew (same as Moncton) as he talked about expanding the Islanders marketing and how he sees the Islander jersey everywhere on the road.

Mr Logan ads the question is whether all those Islanders jerseys could become quaint relics of a bygone era in a few years time as he recapped the Lighthouse.

Newsday: Anthony Rieber stirs the pot with the Kansas City angle getting comments from officials on Tim Leiweke, president and CEO of Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG) and the Los Angeles Kings and a member of the NHL's Board of Governors and his efforts to land NHL teams.

Newsday: Mark Herrmann has more hysteria to stir up telling us if Long Island losses the club they will never get another professional sports team but credited Charles Wang and defended him as someone who is passionate about his team. He also credited Saturday's fan turnout.

NYI Fan Central Comments:

Newsday staff has nothing to write about with no Giants, Jets and no baseball for a while and if these folks do not ring up page views the paper will find someone who will.

The Tribune Review and Post-Gazette sports writers in Pittsburgh did not even go anywhere close to where Newsday is already going when the Pens actually did threaten to leave.

You would think Charles Wang issued a public ultimatum or has said he will sell to the first person and let them move from this kind of hype, it's time for Newsday staff to take a big step back.

Don't be fooled for a moment this is about helping a team in a paper that did not even cover it's franchise player at the ASG last year or did all they could to put Al Arbour night and the core of the four in a bad light.

That folks is the record of coverage and has done damage, when the 25th anniversary of the first cup came around and it was not written about, that's Newsday's record.

My advice would be read the quotes from the folks involved in the Lighthouse Project and the team officials, not most of this junk that goes over the top and beyond is simply done to stir everyone up from a lot of staff who are not fans of the team.

You think Mr Herrmann is ever going to go negative on the Knicks or the Rangers the years they were horrible? Doesn't happen.

Unless there are openings at the KC Star for a sports writer or two.

One thing I will write, if something like this ever did come to pass with the Islanders leaving Nassau County is not the only one to blame for losing this team.

Newsday takes a huge share of the hit also with the Times, Post & News. They kicked this franchise every chance they could when they were down and did not hype them for being as great as they were. A lot of teams performed worse at times and did not take this kind of beating.

Anyone think if the media hyped Weight and Guerin and gave them a proper tribute more free agents would want to sign here? Cannot blame the building so easily for that and a lot of other things where the Islanders did their part and the media coverage failed.

Daily News: Peter Botte/Kristie Eckert combined game coverage.

NY Post: Dan Martin's game coverage.

NY Post: Larry Brooks made the case of a New York Islanders vs Ranger outdoor game in 2010 but made it appear as if the Islanders are the only local team struggling for ratings and exposure.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
A few nice words in there from Mr Brooks but ratings do not lie. Ranger hockey is not a national draw on NBC during the season or playoffs and when he talks about the most important American markets, this market is all baseball and football.

That is not changing.

One look at the dwindling space for hockey in his own paper says it all as he had to become a baseball writer the last few years. This is a big sports market, a small hockey market.

The Rangers need an outdoor game just as bad as the Islanders.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio's live blog recaps Bridgeport's 3-1 in Binghampton on Saturday here.

1. BRI MacDonald, (6) (Nikiforov), 2:31
1. BNG Carkner, (3) (Shannon, Zubov), 9:17 (PP)
1. BRI Joensuu, (13) (Walter, Smith), 14:18
3. BRI Smith, (20) (Lessard, Iggulden), 1:33

Nate Lawson had twenty nine saves.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio previews the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins game Sunday at 1pm which is a Bridgeport home game.

Press & Sun-Bulletin: Has the Senators coverage.

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