New Jersey 3, New York 1

New York Islander Fan Central | 1/17/2009 09:59:00 PM |

AP Has the recap of the Devils 3-1 win against the Islanders Saturday.

NYI Fan Central Comments:

That was not fun to watch tonight. I can accept the losing but I expect to see this team come out and work hard.

Credit to the Devils for working harder, putting the pressure on the Islanders and forcing mistakes but no excuses for Scott Gordon's team to pull a no-show at home for close to two full periods when they are home waiting for a club that played the night before and traveled.

Third period they started winning some shifts, Comrie did not get a call and they missed the net from outside on a few.

Islanders are in that day off and then play at home stretch, they should have come out with a lot more jump to start this game after what they did against Boston.

Devils seemed to have four skaters around the puck all night until the third period when they put it into cruise a bit.

Clemmensen for his thirty plus shots rarely had a tough save to make, no second shots or rebounds and a few shots wide.

From the Islanders side some individual play mostly from Sim, Jackman and one great chance from Richard Park, but the powerplay has looked completely lost recently and Okposo looks out of place as a left point, having written that it has not been one specific thing causing them to struggle.

They tried to play a little physical and dominated the hits, Jackman is not an enforcer.

Then there was the goaltending that was very good, great or brutal from Yann Danis.

I'm sure the Devils push the play more without those goals and maybe get another if it's a 1-1 game but a fragile team allowing those goals can easily put a game out of reach.

Of course a lot is being asked of Danis but this is the job. His save after the first goal was world-class but the third goal was brutal.

Howie Rose showed no mercy as if the Islanders were the only team not to draft Zach Parise, he did what he usually does and scored the Devils best play of the night on a powerplay rebound off somewhat of a marginal call.

This was a dismal effort where we saw a team too passive for far too long. Not nearly enough puck possession

Radek Martinek's first point of the season.

Ok, we'll see what happens against Washington.

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