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Newsday: Greg Logan has more from the Islanders doctor, Elliott Hershman, associate team orthopedist in a conference call with reporters on the goaltenders condition.

Newsday: Mark Herrmann suggests the Islanders should start looking at a new plan for a goaltender if they don't want many more seasons to be brutal, taking a dig about the club drafting a goaltender with their first round pick and wonders why the Islanders have been determined to build completely around DiPietro?

NYI Fan Central Comments:

As expected the usual digs and cracks from Mr Logan/Mr Herrmann, covering DiPietro at the the all-star game? No, kicking the player when he's down, absolutely.

Sure seems about his personality and his contract for them which should have nothing to do with any of this.

Who knew Greg Logan missed his calling second-guessing the doctor because he dressed earlier. I guess Mr Logan was on vacation too much to see how durable DiPietro has been throught his career to write seeing is believing when it comes to the goaltender playing, that's not fair for a goaltender who played sixty plus games the last two seasons he was healthy and returned in the 2007 playoffs.

Mark Herrmann's was classless with a dig at drafting a goaltender with the first pick this summer and that the Islanders should scout young goalies as well as it has scouted Midwest and western cities for preseason games/training camp but the poor coverage Islander fans come to expect from writers with an agenda against a player and a franchise.

You would think for all that thunder he would know about Mannino or Ridderwall which is about as deep as most clubs goaltending pool with a franchise goaltender.

For a man who has been writing about hockey on and off since the eighties it's scary Mark Herrmann's hockey sense is so poor.

You look around the league at the level of backup goaltending combined with ignoring the strong play of Joey MacDonald and it makes you wonder where Mark Herrmann is coming from considering he interviewed Scott Clemmensen and knows how much the Devils current backup has bounced around.

I guess this is the Islanders thanks for not sticking to league policy and trying to give the media more information regarding injuries. Greg Logan, Mark Herrmann and the Newsday staff acted more immature and unprofessional than anything they can throw at DiPietro when they did not get their information earlier.

You would never know a year ago from either of them DiPietro was named the all-star starter or had his team in a playoff spot or won six straight after the ASG playing hurt.

Which is exactly the way they prefer it remain.

NY Post: Dan Martin's article mostly has the Islanders press release.

Newsday: Peter Botte also opens with a dig at the goaltenders contract excluding he has a longer term contract at a salary far below the average for star players and goaltenders before he second-guesses the doctor for clearing him to dress in October.

NY Times: Dave Caldwell also reports on the announcement of DiPietro's season ending injury.

Globe & Mail: David Shoalts has more on the Lighthouse/Nassau Coliseum situation but nothing new from the last week.

NYI Fan Central Comments:

According to the comments from the writer Kate Murray made these comments yesterday which means 1/21, but nothing in Newsday from here.

Atlanta Journal Constitution: Terence Moore has a very good article on Thrashers coach John Anderson, how outspoken he has been and adjusted to being in a losing situation with the Thrashers.

Bridgeport plays in Albany tonight at 7:30pm.

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