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Media Blog: Cory Witt in the Islanders media blog reports on the club traveling to Phoenix.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
This team could badly use some website written or video updates on gameday, practices, roster moves and injuries. I'm wondering when or if Newsday will be sending someone on this trip? Reports Yann Danis was returned to Bridgeport with Mitch Fritz who apparently cleared waivers.

NYI Fan Central Comments:

This means DiPietro will have to at least dress for games and with back to back Friday and Saturday should play one.

Arizona Republic: Has the latest on the Phoenix Coyotes.

Newsday: Mark Herrmann has comments from Islander players and head coach Scott Gordon who have been part of various past outdoor games in an article about mostly playing this year for this summers top draft pick but making his usual point the Islanders do not have the star power and are too far off the radar for NBC.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
What Mr Herrmann wants no part of writing is NY is the baseball capital of the world and hockey here is off the radar in because of poor coverage of the sport for all three clubs.

If Mr Herrmann thinks that is only Islander-centric in New York he is kidding himself because the star power dominating the backpages or coverage has nothing to do with hockey. New York needs the Crosby, Ovechkin matchup to receive any national attention, never the other way around.

Teams like Chicago were playing in front of lower percentage capacity at games than the Islanders for a long time too. Boston for a long time had been a sea of empty yellow seats also for games.

A year ago the Islanders were ahead of Chicago in the standings and in a playoff spot, but Mr Herrmann wants no part of that or this clubs championship history which would be another attraction of them being in an outdoor game.

For those Islander fans on Marian Gaborik watch, according to Michael Russo in the Star Tribune here may be looking at season ending surgery which could well be the end of his time in Minnesota with UFA pending.

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