Ratings & Attendance Update

New York Islander Fan Central | 1/19/2009 11:35:00 AM |
Sports Business Journal: Tripp Mickel haas the ugly New York Islander attendance and television ratings which see the Islanders now next to last in tv ratings with a thirty seven percent drop since last season.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
It's not explained how Sports Business Journal acquired this data, several times in the past Msg supplied the information, earlier this year Nielsen ratings did a report.

What is not included or explained in these numbers is whether the Msg+2 games are included in this low rating where at least in my area the games are not advertised or even listed on the program guide on those games we actually have sound or a picture.

It should also be noted the Devils have had some games on Msg's prime network this season, the Islanders none.

We all know the deal with the pre-game not being on for a good part of the season and virtually no television coverage all summer.

Product on the ice does not help but we all know Cablevision since they purchased Msg has a vested interest in restricting Islanders access on television as opposed to when they had no sports teams and bought the Islanders television rights back in the early eighties.

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