Bill Guerin Not Playing, Trade Pending Approval

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The Islanders told the Msg+ crew covering the game Bill Guerin is not hurt, sick and at this time (after first period) nor has not been traded.

No one was recalled to take Guerin's spot in advance so obviously whatever happened was not expected or part of Saturday's plan to start the day. If him sitting was precautionary someone else would be here to take his spot.

Could be a trade that does not go through but usually when it comes to a player sitting out a game he will be traded.

I guess we'll know soon enough or on 3/4.

Bottom line-Islanders will add a veteran player with a contract for next season or a prospect or a draft pick. Guerin will not be moved for a pending UFA unless something comes back with it that helps beyond this season.

Takes a lot longer to speculate than to report something is done.

Guerin is an UFA also.

Updated 8:30pm:
The Islanders announced there will be no announcement until Sunday.

Mr Botta at Point Blank reports
there is a deal in principle that will send Bill Guerin “to an Eastern team” and will be finalized by Sunday, pending his approval. Obviously got the message from Cory Witt's blog the other day and credited Mr Botta with the story on Bill Guerin but considers what happened somewhat bizarre and added sources say Guerin has been told he likely will not learn which team has expressed interest until the morning, as the Islanders work on finalizing a deal and the Boston Bruins have been ruled out as a potential destination for Guerin.
Unrelated but defenseman Derek Morris of Phoenix will be sitting out with his NTC according to Tsn until the deadline here but submitted a list of team he will agree to play for.

Morris is a pending UFA so he would have to be signed if by chance he were traded to the Islanders.

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