New York 2, Buffalo 0

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/28/2009 07:37:00 PM |

 Recaps New York's 2-0 win against the Buffalo Sabres Saturday.

New York wins season series 2-1-1.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Sean Bergenheim's first career two goal game.
Yann Danis second shutout in seven days.

Before the game I wrote we'll see how bad the Buffalo Sabres want to stay together.

For the better part of fifty five minutes (aside from a few odd minutes) they were outworked by the Islanders and did not compete very hard for second chances nor did they generate a lot of breaks for themselves despite their injuries.

Only area Buffalo showed up was in the scrum department after whistles which we saw a lot in the October blowout but not as much in the games at Buffalo. Isles held their own with no fights but like most games are simply not as big as the Sabres with Comeau vs Paul Gaustad.

Not even Jochen Hecht could find a way he seemingly makes his living creating plays for goals against the New York Islanders.

Not a great start for the Islanders either with some choppy play, Bergenheim was the most visible again and seemed to look good whether he was on a line with Hilbert, Sim or whoever. He fell to strip the puck on the 2-0 goal off a nice feed from Nielsen.

Andrew MacDonald a good early shot but for the most part Islanders were chasing the play with Danis playing very well. Jackman had a great chance shorthanded but was robbed by Lalime.

Okposo, Comeau, Bailey again very quiet until that powerplay with six minutes left in the second where they did not score but worked the puck well in the Buffalo zone.

I know Okposo was in on Bergenheim's goal but again Okposo, Comeau and Bailey just seem like their game is more east-west than north-south. Okposo for a right wing seems to be favoring making plays off left wing. Comeau is either struggling or that is throwing his game off while Bailey drifts around the perimeter or screens the goalie from a distance and does not do much else or at best is spotty in games.

Hilbert and Sim again involved and active, Martinek took a big clean hit, Joe Callahan took off the gloves but did not fight. Martinek threw a solid elbow for a penalty, Buffalo hit a post but again had been a play/pass short without much of a second effort.

Callahan, MacDonald solid on defense with a nice play on Jason Pominville in the third, Hillen again is noticeable with his offensive play.

Mark Streit playing twenty nine minutes is too much for a team in this spot.

Danis seems to be in a zone where he seeing the puck very well or getting the bounces.

Third period Islanders could not put them away with powerplay nor could Sabres do a lot with their powerplay. Some good defense but not great execution for the most part from either side in that department.

Buffalo had a little more urgency in the final few minutes but Bergenheim made a play that created the 2-0 goal and that was the hockey game.

Next up the return of Colorado's leading scorer Ryan Smyth (pending trade) and a club playing like a fifteenth place team in the Colorado Avalanche on a four game losing streak against the Eastern Conference.

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