Brendan Witt's elbow, suspension?

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Of course if this becomes a battle of the media, Witt will get a huge suspension because the New York Islanders have no media to lobby anything for them while the Leaf media will defend their laundry. Witt's been here a while with no history but a long career and has been outspoken against Colin Campbell which should never be a part of this.

Not defending anything one way or another, the pictures and video's I have viewed all come from the other side so I cannot see where exactly Witt's elbow landed whether it be the head, jaw, or neck which seemed to make a huge difference for Mike Mottau.

If Witt thinks his hit was illegal he will sit some game.

What I can write is if Niklas Hagman has concussion problems like with Kenny Jonsson all it takes is for a hit to graze someone that could knock them out. I just cannot tell enough here to know where exactly the elbow landed either way nor am I writing he only grazed Hagman. Witt had no stick and threw out his arm and the elbow caught him.

How bad and where I just cannot tell nor does that mean he receives a pass.

Both players were moving toward one another quickly. By the still picture you could make a case Witt threw out a leg too but we saw that a week ago not even come close to a penalty or review where the Islanders felt it was intentional.

Does this mean Witt should not be suspended? Absolutely not.
The intent, what the ref saw, the players comments and maybe another replay will give us that answer.

How long did it take even with slow-motion replay to determine Mottau hit the neck and that was considered different from a head shot, weeks?

Of course in another era Gary Roberts charged from center ice, took both hands and slammed Kenny Jonsson's head into that wonderful hard plexiglass, got a five minute penalty and no suspension.

What I can write is I have no faith in anything Colin Campbell and what his crack staff decide because the decision making has obviously been about who you are vs what was done far too often. The Islanders are out of the playoffs so Witt is an easy suspension target to set an example like a new official calling mandated penalties in a game long decided because they are graded.

That recent punch Sidney Crosby threw against Florida a while back to someone while they were down on the ice (to a sensitive area) with no suspension combined with Pronger vs Simon tells me all I need to know about rules vs special treatment for some players.

I guess it would be funny if he got a long suspension and somehow was traded to Toronto. Maybe Campbell rules the Leafs get the Islanders first round pick.

I bet that would be what their media really wants.

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