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New York Islander Fan Central | 2/26/2009 11:00:00 PM | | | | | | | Has the infamous NHL sources which report Islander captain Bill Guerin is willing to waive his no-move clause to accept a trade if the right opportunity is presented but hasn't asked for a trade. It's believed he has discussed his trade potential with Garth Snow and has acknowledged a willingness to consent.

Apparently the same league sources (or a different one) told Mr Botta this earlier which he presented on Point Blank as an exclusive with his personal speculation.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
We'll know when if he's traded, not before. This is not Miroslav Satan who is not quoted as much and the same thing could have happened with him a year ago. Snow would not be doing his job if he did not speak to Guerin and address what his options are if presented with a deal involving his captainn who has control of his destiny.

Newsday: Greg Logan's coverage of the Islanders shootout loss against Toronto's theme from head coach Scott Gordon and Jon Sim was that the team did not quit and has played hard as the coach talked about building for next season.

Mr Logan reported Brendan Witt said he has a disciplinary hearing scheduled Friday afternoon with the NHL office. Martinek left the game " woozy " after hitting his head/jaw on the dasherboard.

Newsday: Mr Logan's other article could be a repeat but is worded somewhat differently which is mostly a game recap with no quotes.

Newsday: Jim Baumbach had comments from former owner John Pickett about Stephen Walsh and Paul Greenwood.

NY Post: Dan Martin has a very good recap of the game with comments from head coach Scott Gordon, Jon Sim and Brendan Witt who acknowledged there are going to be repercussions, will likely be suspended, apologized to Niklas Hagman and is fine with how the league treats blows to the head.

Daily News: Peter Botte's painfully short six paragraphs barely touches on the game with mostly speculation on trades.

At this time this was posted here the short article does not even contain any quotes.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Daily News barely covers home games with no room for extra hockey related news but it did not stop their editor finding a writer named Rich Shapiro on Thursday to do a full separate article (beyond business article) about hockey related mistakes of Paul Greenwood and Stephen Walsh when they were Islander executives under John Pickett here.

That article was longer than Scott Gordon got from sports editor Leon Carter when he was hired which unfortunately tells too much of the Daily News story of their coverage (or lack thereof) of our hockey team.

Toronto Sun & The Star & Globe & Mail with
National Post covers the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Mark Harrington & James Bernstein reports Newsday plans to eliminated free web content in it's newspaper in the near future which was announced here which was discussed before the season started at this blog as Msg also is losing revenue.

Already the sports media department at Newsday comment and for the most part defend their employer here.

NYI Fan Central Comments:

Frankly the coverage is so poor on our hockey team Newsday should be paying New York Islander fans to endure it most days and that's being kind. The disparity is only growing wider and wider in favor of the hockey team Cablevision owns recently when we were first told it would enhance hockey coverage.

This is not going to bode well for the Islanders PR department who spent a lot of advertising money and will not get a bump in city coverage to make up for it. This could be why we have not seen ads for a while for games where before they were all over the sports section and front page but this late in the season there are not many games left at home.

NYIFC will not be subscribing under any circumstances (nor has it purchased Newsday once since Cablevision took control or prior for a long time) and if it means no Newsday updates at this blog life goes on as I wrote about last summer. Neil Best and Anthony Rieber are already defending the move somewhat and praising Cablevision who pay their salary.

It would not shock me if there is free content it will only be for Cablevision-owned teams.

Charles Wang and Chris Dey must love this decision from a company that would not even clear webcasted pre-season games until days after they were played in September. If I were them I would hire some more team sponsored independent bloggers/writers with professional print or media backgrounds like Mr Botta to cover games and get player/coach comments.

No, I'm not talking about amateur bloggers but find out if a Newspaper is cutting staff and sign up a Craig Cumstance or Pierre LeBrun who changed outlets from papers to websites.

As I wrote the other day those hundreds of millions saved by getting the Islanders out of this market are big bucks for Cablevision, plus they can attempt to expand Msg hockey marketing freely without the New York Islanders. I do not think the decision is about hockey but the incentive sure does not hurt.

NY Times-Lynn Zinser went to Msg, Dave Caldwell went to Newark, AP went to the Nassau Coliseum.

Rocky Mountain News: Rick Sadowski in their blog reports the publication will be out of business fifty five days short of the 150 year anniversary by the time they play the Islanders Monday, but did have a few words on what looks like the final game covered against New Jersey on Thursday.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio's coverage of what is likely the Sound Tigers final trip to the old Spectrum before the Phantoms move to a new location under new ownership out of state with blog coverage here.

Norwalk News/The Mike Madar has a feature on the Bridgeport Sound Tigers defense.

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