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Newsday: Greg Logan's game article claims the source close to Guerin reported him being scratched was " precautionary" and will make his decision in the morning about agreeing to a trade.

Head coach Scott Gordon comments, who Mr Logan claims Guerin has been " at odds with much of this season " discussed how he will fill the possible leadership void as he addressed some of his younger players.

Newsday: Greg Logan in Islanders Newsday blog after Tsn report (8:45pm) writes according to a source close to Bill Guerin the team has a deal in place pending his approval with an announcement either late Saturday but likely Sunday.

Bad News is Mr Logan reports Guerin's situation has been exacerbated by what he writes is a rocky relationship with coach Scott Gordon, some details of which will appear in a story in Sunday's Newsday about tensions between several veteran players and the rookie head coach.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
So much for enjoying another shutout win.

How come Mr Logan simply does not give us all the details now or does it have to be dragged out over weeks/months to create as much negative perception as possible?

Seems like the only time the club gets a special story in Newsday is when it's along these lines or it's obvious bad news. The good news kind of just fades away without much followup.

I'm not in the room, obviously it's been a tough year and of course there are going to be problems especially with a rookie head coach. Every time the Islanders played Atlanta, John Anderson was seemingly blasting his players.

Is this the same Bill Guerin who has praised Scott Gordon on several occasions in papers outside Newsday around North America (with Doug Weight) and went out of their way to do so?

Again, I'm not in the room so I do not know.

I hate to write it but this has to be somewhat of a cross-roads again for Mr Botta who was the one who broke the story on Nolan-Snow last year at a time he went from team official to independent blogger. Will he dish the dirt or confirm where Greg Logan is going with this and if he knew it why did he not report it already?

Why did Mr Logan wait for Guerin's likely departure unless the captain wanted it that way?

I tend to think unless it's well outside the norm these things should be kept in house for all teams. No team in hockey (or any sport) has everyone happy with their coach/manager and when you are in 30th place with four hundred man games lost nothing can be better than ok on the best of days.

This should really help free agency, Snow's status as gm and the Lighthouse.

The other team Newsday covers does not report on their dirt, regardless of whether the coach is fired or the players do not like the coach or one another. Seems like things are done differently with the Islanders in the reporting beyond the lack of updates.

Newsday: Mark Herrmann gives his view of Mr Wang's long interview with the paper on Friday with several of his comments repeated.

Newsday: Mark Herrmann has a few words from Msg on Bill Guerin sitting out as apparently the Cablevision owned club again will receive the bulk of Newsday coverage.

Updated 12:00am: Darren Dreger reports the Boston Bruins are not the team involved in a trade for Guerin and after referencing Mr Botta's earlier report
notes sources close to the veteran forward say he has not yet been asked to waive it and that sources tell TSN that Guerin has been told he likely will not learn which team has expressed interest until the morning, as the Islanders work on finalizing a deal.

NY Post: Dan Martin's coverage of the Islanders win has virtually nothing on the game besides a brief recap with all coverage centered around Bill Guerin. Kyle Okposo's comments about the current captain, calling him " tremendous " as he was asked about the captaincy role for himself in his future.

Daily News: Peter Botte's limited space gave us one paragraph on the game with no quotes from coach or players with all Guerin/other trade speculation.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Sure would be nice to get an AP article link with that because Danis, Bergenheim and the team deserve some coverage on the win. When they play road games (or ex-owners go to prison) they get a sports ticker recap where more space is provided than this which is beyond the writer but should be able to manage his game space better.

Buffalo News: John Vogl already has a game article and reaction from the players with head coach Lindy Ruff.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Good stuff from a paper that used to post it's articles by noon the next day after most games.

Los Angeles Times: Helene Elliott reports a source with knowledge of the situation confirmed Scott Niedermayer has been told he won't be moved before Wednesday's noon PST trade deadline despite his UFA status while Espn's Pierre LeBrun's speculates on this and other possible trades.

CP: Reports Philadelphia has cleared enough cap space to finally add Daniel Briere to it's lineup. Reports Derek Boogaard of the Minnesota Wild was suspened for five games after an elbow to the head of Brandon Prust in the head with just over one minute left in Minnesota's 4-1 loss on Friday night. Reports Bridgeport despite Andrew McDonald's callup won a big game Saturday against WBS Pens 3-2 at Harbor Yard with Nate Lawson in goal.

Mitch Fritz had a five minute major in this game so it could result in an AHL suspension for any possible Islander recalls.

1. WBS Pesonen, (18) (Goligoski, Letestu), 16:41
2. BRI McLean, (15) (Joensuu, Kohn), 16:20
3. BRI Iggulden, (22) (Joensuu), 1:44
3. BRI Kohn, (3) (Haley, Bentivoglio), 2:47
3. WBS Engelland, (2) (Goligoski, Letestu), 12:24 (PP)

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio has comments from Dustin Kohn and Nate Lawson on Bridgeport's win which moved them into second place in the Eastern Division with blog entries here.

Bridgeport plays the back end of this home and home at WBS Sunday at 5pm.

Times Leader: Has Pens coverage on their loss.

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