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Final results are in on the poll regarding the Islanders trade Friday, thanks for voting.

I do agree with the vote even if I selected let's see what the next trade is.

Good trade
38 (73%)

Poor trade
7 (13%)

Lets see what next trade is
8 (13%)
Not for anything but if this Lighthouse meeting is so important Tuesday why doesn't the Islanders use their website to tell us to attend? Mr Botta (who is attending) used Point Blank and Mr Witt had an entry on it also but nothing from the official website of this team?

Anything you view ITV you have to watch Lighthouse ad so what's different?


An e-mail from the Islanders hit my inbox about tomorrow morning's meeting at 5pm.

The website at 6pm finally had a release about what they write is an important meeting here.

They should have been hitting us from the minute it was scheduled not less than sixteen hours before it takes place.
Point Blank: Mr Botta presents an excellent interview with Brendan Witt Monday where he discusses the trade deadline and a quiet practice day.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
As always visit Mr Botta's blog for the details.
Mark Herrmann is only kidding himself if he thinks Harry Howell and Andy Bathgate helped convert the New York area into a thriving hockey hotbed considering in that era hockey took a backseat to the circus come playoff time and some of those Ranger teams made Milbury's Islanders look like a cup winner by comparison.

Some of those teams did not win a playoff series for twenty one years in a row in a six team league.

The NY Americans are the original hockey team in New York City and deserve all credit and recognition for hockey's roots here.

The Rangers came in and kicked them out of their own building and never even mention them as the storied franchise who deserve the true recognition for hockey's roots.

The only story yesterday was the Rangers held a ceremony because they wanted to retire Graves who deserved a night but not a jersey retirement so they had to finally have a night for Howell and Bathgate. It was a gimmick scheduling two nights and most of the building was empty for two men who deserved better and should have had their day long ago or the exact same night as Graves but not a jersey retirement.

The New York Islanders are a storied franchise and set the standard for championship hockey for other teams to follow in the US markets and arguably the entire NHL given no team ever won nineteen playoff series in a row. Whatever the New York Islanders owe in terms of credit for who got hockey started here should go to the New York Americans.

Ranger tradition was demanding Denis Potvin or their money around the time Roy Boe was going under.
The long-time Ranger fans in the media did a good sales job like Mr Brooks, Mr Greenberg and Mr Herrmann. Steve Zipay did a poor job getting on the Ranger fans.

No, the Islanders do not have media like that covering this team in Newspapers who go back that far. George Vecsey, Pat Calabria and those days are long gone and our fans got Larry Brooks in 1980.

They actually gave Larry Brooks extra space to rip Lindy Ruff? I guess Cablevision increased the advertising budget but still not enough to cover many road games.

Usually around now Brooks has to go cover some baseball.
Cablevision-owned Newsday for a paper that is supposed to market the New York Islanders is going all Rangers today as Scott Gordon moves up the seniority ladder in Atlantic division coaches to third as Tom Renney has been fired today
here which was obviously coming for a while.

As long as Mr Sather stays at the drivers seat and keeps signing players like Redden, Drury, Gomez to those kind of front-loaded contracts no coach is going to win with that roster.

Tom Renney played a trap, their fans in the media will never call it that, it had some success.

Good luck to Tom Renney who got the Rangers back to the playoffs as Peter Laviolette, Steve Stirling and Ted Nolan did for the Islanders.

John Tortorella is a very good coach if he's selected (he has been) but Sather does not hire high profile coaches or could not hire them when Messier was captain.

I suspect Dolan demanded Sather get the big name coach and his tenure is no longer on solid ground.

If you think Snow-Tortorella was a potential problem wait until Sather-Tortorella who he bought out a decade ago in one of his early moves as gm.

Will Newsday dare mention the potential friction as we read this summer about Garth Snow if he hired him?

Don't bet on it.

Looks like my bet is wrong for openers, sort of.

Good job by Newsday letting Arthur Staple asking the question if Tortorella is the right hire here but did not go near Sather vs the coach.
Media game:
Steve Zipay six blog updates and an article so far on his day off.
Arthur Staple selling Rangers with two articles.
Mark Herrmann is writing like he has stock in Cablevision or Shaun Powell called asking if there is a job opening and even Mike Casey another Ranger fan is weighing in.

Mr Herrmann is even questioning why not more Ranger radio coverage in baseball's largest and most important market because college basketball is getting the major play today as it should.

Jim Baumbach is even lobbying for Ted Nolan despite the fact he is still Islander property until his contract expires.

I wonder if these Newsday reporters will air the Rangers locker room laundry as hard as Greg Logan did the Islanders last summer?

My personal take is no chance (beyond some throwing Renney under the bus) given this economy and what happened when editor John Mancini aired some Knicks dirty laundry recently here.

One thing for sure is they will never criticize James Dolan like they have Charles Wang.

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