Comrie " likely " to resign with Ottawa

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/23/2009 07:37:00 PM | | |
CP: In an interview on the trade deadline today regarding the Ottawa Senators it's reported general manager Bryan Murray and Mike Comrie both said Monday he's likely to sign beyond this year with the gm quoted as saying " if we brought him here, he would be very interested in staying."

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Mike Comrie played hurt for at least a good part of the second half of last season and part of this season after a surgery that should have kept him sidelined. He signed here to be the go-to player and despite the final result cannot be blamed for the lack of first line talent around him. Many nights he had to fight his own battles.

Cannot write anything negative about him, he had fifty points on a terrible offensive club last season, his best moments were his initial two games against Buffalo. Only he knows whether it was the coach, system, talent around him or injuries.

The question is will Bryan Murray be the general manager if his signing does go beyond this season?

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