Islanders to the playoffs in 08-09? No.

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/03/2009 12:18:00 PM |
We used to have these entries where we would look at the playoff picture and project where the Islanders could accumulate enough points based on schedule to where they would hit the magic 92-93-95 point range that it usually takes to qualify.

Last year we did the projection based on ninety two points, it took ninety five.

I know for a few folks a nice little seven out of eight points is a noteworthy streak, but just for laughs I will present the grand picture for anyone thinking playoffs.

Islanders have thirty five points with thirty three games left. If they go 33-0 they will finish with only 101 points.

Based on last season's eighth place cutoff being ninety five point that means the Islanders can only lose a total of six points out of sixty six available.

Surrender yet?

For book-keeping purposes Carolina currently in eighth needs a combination of forty six points won or lost by the Islanders to officially eliminate them.

Boston's magic number to clinch a better record than the Islanders is at twenty.

What's the old expression from Charlie Brown?
" Tell your statistics to shut up "

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