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Have not had a poll for a few weeks because I do not believe in them simply to draw votes and have not had anything that interested me.

I like to go with things I feel challenge the readers.

This week our poll looks at the latest benching of Jeff Tambellini and asks why was a player who in my estimation had been doing a much better job recently sitting because Andy Hilbert returned to the lineup while Richard Park shifted to left wing so Doug Weight could return to the lineup play center?

Especially given the standings and the playoff picture.

I guess you know where I sit with the poll but created several options. If you vote other place e-mail/respond and that option will be noted.

Future polls will go Monday-Monday/I have been doing Sunday-Sunday for most of the season.
NYIFC Notables:
Most likely we will have our first live blog in a long, long time on the day of the trade deadline at around 1pm-4pm for as many who want to show up and talk Islander hockey.

The more folks who respond and tell me they want to chat here 3/4 (1pm-4pm) will determine where I go with this.

With so many folks having live blogs for games with Newsday I did not think it was necessary to do it here this season.

Yes, I did tweak the tag for the Islanders website to include their new logo, there was no space for a Bill Guerin photo. The Islanders tweaked DiPietro out of the latest picture.

The Fox feeder has been updated for the latest.

For Saturday home games we will continue to use the third jersey color as our background.

For the record NYIFC only goes with established media sources for it's main blog content and I have very strict standards about this.

I do have a section for folks who want to link their sites here with a special feeder for as many blog box folks who have a feed. I put links in for everyone else directly below that.

If interested e-mail and we can talk about it.

All I ask of folks wanting to add their links here is no profanity in their content and that they update on a regular basis.

I'm still deciding on the future of NYIFC at this time beyond the season which I can say will run as long at least as far the Sound Tigers playoffs/World Championships barring anything completely unexpected.

Whether the Islanders have a blog box program or wish to include me in it will have no bearing on anything I decide. Last time I did this with Islanders-Sound Tigers the final entry was the first week in May.

I have been a little lazy in going down the entire page here recently but noticed this little blog hit the 90,000 hit mark a while back. Not a big deal but would like to pause and thank everyone for your interest.

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