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Newsday: Has some video of Islanders owner Charles Wang's comments about the Lighthouse Project and the team this afternoon.

Newsday: Jim Baumbauch in a blog entry had more from Charles Wang where he talked about the teams financial losses and was willing to show them to Newsday if given league permission while Mr Wang was "embarrassed" that TOH supervisor Kate Murray did not show up for TOH night and sent an official instead.

As for the project itself:

"But I don't want to have ultimatums," Wang said. "I have not done the ultimatums. I'm sure I will soon because I'll tell them this is what it is. But we've been jerked around on this for a little while now. Okay, I'm committed to keeping it on Long Island. I want to keep it on Long Island. It belongs on Long Island. Let us build the damn thing."

NYI Fan Central Comments:

According to Mr Botta, Mark Herrmann, Greg Logan and Eden Laiken all sat down with Charles Wang for this interiew with Mr Baumbach.

One thing we all know for sure is Cablevision-owned Newsday and at least their sports writing staff will take the direction of any discussion to the team moving to keep folks talking and because it's in Cablevision's best financial interest for the Islanders to relocate.

We now know the only way that can happen before 2015 is if the TOH does approve the project and Nassau County fails to negotiate a lease. If the TOH kills the project Mr Wang would have to sell to someone who would have to keep the club here for another five years to say nothing of Smg and Cablevision lease which Mr Baumbach would never touch because that is the domain of his new boss.

Mr Baumbach's speculation either way is essentially worthless but like virtually everything he does on the Islanders it has too much of a negative undercurrent which sometimes is fair and others is ridiculous which we saw after Al Arbour night.

Draw your own conclusions, these are mine.

For those who also think this is only Charles Wang's project Scott Rechler is just as important if not more to the Lighthouse.

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