Quick NYIFC Trade Deadline Notables

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/26/2009 06:07:00 PM |
Our live blog on 3/4 from 1pm-4pm during the deadline is still on at this time but will be considered tentative down until the final day because of family issues.

If I'm here we will have it for everyone wishing to stop in and talk New York Islanders starting at 1pm and going to about 4pm.

Either way New York Islander Fan Central is ready with features to follow the trade deadline here for everyone.

All live, radio, television, trade tracker links from the various sites are on the sidebar. A sidebar widget has a trade tracker that is active, a new feed was added to the crawl today because the other one had Senators trade when it was with the New York Islanders.

For this blog the New York Islanders are the headline team. For now we'll go with NHL news which may have a few other items but give us trades and transactions which have already started.

I'll see if we can improve that as the deadline comes closer. I may add even more crawls on deadline day but it will only be credible news outlets which I think we have almost all of them represented.

Twitter is active for NYIFC

I added the new RSS Feed to the inactive Twitter page I made for NYIFC months ago and put the link up for anyone who wishes to find it and comment there as well comment/e-mail here.

Only updates that will go there are feeds from here.

If I think of more things or more items are made available I will add them to the sidebar in our trade deadline section.

Thank You.

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