Value of Islanders in potential trades will come 3/4 at 3pm

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/26/2009 10:57:00 AM |
I have read a lot about the value of many Islander players in potential trades vs resigning them or simply not moving them at all and seeing where it goes into the summer.

At the end of the day when 3/4 comes we will get our answers, most of the talk is just that.

As usual I suspect the game will go on until the final hour in most cases. We know like last year (and unlike two years ago) this is a deeper draft with first round picks being of greater value and harder to obtain.

At least for now.

Value is a funny kind of thing when a deadline hits and a general manager feels he/they (Dallas Stars) case must make a move to win a cup and has limited choices with rumors of the general manangers job in the balance. All of a sudden a player who may only be worth a third round pick for months is worth a second or a first when 2:30pm hits and options are closing fast.

Look at Adam Foote a year ago and what Colorado gave up to get him back? I can easily see at least this much for Brendan Witt as a return considering he is under contract for two more years and has good value for a playoff team.

I have no idea what Garth Snow will do or what direction he will go in terms of his veterans, this is not last year where he was a few points out a playoff spot and would have been foolish in my estimation to simply dump veteran players while still in realistic contention and had no control over Satan's NTC.

Oh sure, teams were lining up to give Snow a first rounder for Ruslan Fedotenko, and Josef Vasicek.


Garth Snow has no control of Bill Guerin's NTC who may need some notice if presented with a trade or if it's been discussed. He may have already told his gm he will not accept any trade or left it open for next week.

Doug Weight if the doctors estimates are correct should be ready for the playoffs, he may or may not be in play or Snow is looking to bring him back.

I also do not see all the younger, smaller forwards returning even if they are prospects. This roster badly needs some size and the gm has a very tough call to make there with Bergenheim, Tambellini, Comeau, Park, Hilbert and Nielsen.

Value is going to go up and down, it's never as easy as these articles done in advance when final decision times comes under pressure.

Ask me on 3/4 at 3pm, that's when we will know the value.

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