Colorado goes 0-6, Isles cannot gain six points

New York Islander Fan Central | 3/30/2009 10:00:00 AM |
I have done a lot of writing about free falls this season for our team vs competitive games. I went over almost the entire 2009 (starting January) Islanders calendar year and most of the games have been competitive.

What's going on with Colorado is an outright free fall with one out of fourteen points. I know the final weekend lineups change for teams in a playoffs spot that have a seed decided or playing out the season or they are playing to remain in the playoffs.

Anything could happen starting Wednesday but it would not surprise me if Colorado did not earn another point in their final six games. The free fall they are in is even less competitive on the scoreboard than the Islanders.

I suspect the Islanders will do a lot better than five points in their final seven games after giving basically every team a tough contest down to the wire or into overtime to say nothing of wins at Chicago, Detroit and the two against the Devils.

Isles are going to lose the first tie-breaker with Colorado (wins) so you can add an extra point on paper to the Avs lead over the Isles.

Having written that if Scott Gordon's club gains eight or nine points out of their final fourteen I suspect they will not be finishing 30th. At least five of the Isles final seven games features opposition desperate for points with Boston maybe meaningless the final day for the Bruins.

Peter Budaj & Andrew Raycroft are about as weak a goaltending combo a team can have in this league not only by this years stats but career record.

Mar 15 at Vancouver L 2-4
Mar 17 at Minnesota OTL 2-3
Mar 19 vs Edmonton L 1-8
Mar 22 at San Jose L 1-3
Mar 25 vs Anaheim L 2-7
Mar 27 vs Vancouver L 1-4
Mar 29 at Anaheim L 1-4

Wed Apr 1, 2009 Coyotes-Avalanche
Sun Apr 5, 2009 Avalanche-Canucks
Tue Apr 7, 2009 Avalanche-Sharks
Thu Apr 9, 2009 Stars-Avalanche
Sat Apr 11, 2009 Canucks-Avalanche
Sun Apr 12, 2009 Blues-Avalanche

I tend to think Colorado will not gain another point unless it's that final weekend, but we'll see, they are due to win but so were the Isles for most of December and January.

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