Daily News Has Exclusive with Charles Wang

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NY Daily News: Nicholas Hirshon in the lateste from the paper that stopped covering home games has an exclusive interview with Charles Wang from Thursday who said he would consider moving the hockey club to Queens but vowing to mull all choices if his bid for Lighthouse is not approved by October.

"Right now, the whole focus and the whole plan is on one thing: getting this thing built," Wang said Thursday. "Obviously, if it doesn't get done within the time frame, then we look at all options."

Nassau County executive Tom Suozzi also is quoted.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
It should be noted Mr Botta at Point Blank reported the Daily News was at Thursday's meeting and the article says these comments were from Thursday. What's a little different is Mr Wang did acknowledge for the first time Queens could be considered which is why I posted it here.

You can bet Mayor Michael Bloomberg given his non-working relationship with Msg and the Dolan family would be very happy to have the New York Islanders inside the City limits. Charles Wang for his part could construct an arena across the street from Msg and there is nothing the Garden can do about it in terms of territorial rights for those wondering.

Now the question is does Charles Wang (or Scott Rechler) want to be the developer for Willets Point and switch plans on the NYC timetable (this year) which is a much bigger and far more expensive area with existing businesses that would have to be displaced in a nasty fight.

Thing with this is NYC would be willing to give Wang-Rechler tax breaks and a lot of financial approvals they gave to the Mets to get a baseball stadium constructed because they want the eyesore businesses out of that area. They already went all-in with giving both baseball teams huge revenue streams and the area around Shea Stadium is all part of that.

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