Howard Saffan on Bridgeport at Coliseum

New York Islander Fan Central | 3/30/2009 03:38:00 PM | |
Sound Issued a Statement with Ted President Howard Saffan's comments as to why the Sound Tigers will have to relocate their first two playoff games from Harbor Yard to Nassau Coliseum.

It should be noted Bridgeport has four scheduled home games starting Friday after Tuesday's regular season road finale.

NYI Fan Central Comments:

I don't know the AHL traditions as well as the NHL but no scheduling conflict would displace playoff home NHL games this far in advance and I tend to think the same holds true in the AHL given Bridgeport's playoff history and their opposition.

It's obvious from Mr Fornabaio at the Ct Post the staff at Harbor Yard did not know the Islanders were planning before this before it was announced Saturday night so obviously the communication was poor.

I can appreciate the Islanders wanting to do something nice for their fans here but this is about this people in Bridgeport who support that team and have waited for playoff games for two years who go to the forty home games all winter long and have given them great fan support in a tough economic climate.

How could Harbor Yard book events to a point the building for it's primary tenant was unavailable this far in advance for any potential block of games, anyone who's been following knows the Sound Tigers at worst would be a middle seed.

I think in this instance the Islanders who own this team should have sat down with the folks who operate Harbor Yard and made dates available, to accept anything less is a mistake and one of the biggest made in a long time by Islander management.

If anyone knows of an instance AHL teams were displaced for home playoff games this far in advance I would like to know.

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