If the Islanders win the lottery announce Tavares

New York Islander Fan Central | 3/16/2009 02:00:00 PM |
I know were getting ahead of ourselves because there is a long time left and based on how things are going I do not see the Islanders finishing 30th.

We all know from 2002 finishing 30th is no lock to select first.

Having written this if the Islanders do win the lottery, just put out a statement shortly afterward the team will be selecting John Tavares when it comes time to pick in June.

Saves a lot of speculation, a lot of endless articles Snow will trade down and a lot of non-sense.

Just make it a done deal come lottery night, Tavares already said he will play for New York.

End all suspense in April, make it un-official/official and start the marketing campaign he will be drafted by New York.

After that anything short of a career ending injury before the draft you take Tavares and add him to Bailey, Okposo and these other prospects you got something to work with that can attract free agents.

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