New York 4, Colorado 2

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 Recaps New York's 4-2 win against the Colorado Avalanche Monday night with Associated Press.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I had fun watching that game.

Jesse Joensuu's first goal in his first NHL game !!
He was noticeable beyond his goal and a 6'4 player is needed in this lineup, but I suspect he will be going back with a nice puck as a souvenir.

Kurtis McLean scored in his second NHL game for those wondering, this could go back as far as Palffy in 1995. Hunter did not score in his 2002 playoff debut in the first game if I'm correct.

Bruno Gervais his first goal since the playoffs, he was getting close with all those goal posts, that was a nice read to rush the net on the 3-1 goal.

Joe Callahan had his first NHL point.

Sure did look like an AHL lineup tonight which I guess is a good thing for Scott Gordon, they came out, skated very well and took the play at Colorado for a good part of the game who looked as poor as their recent play indicates.

His veterans produced too, very solid effort across the board.

Colorado looked like the Islanders during their free-fall at it's worst, a team playing like something is going to happen to cost them the game. It reminded me a little of the Islander club I saw at times on the West coast, only the Islanders competed better for a good part of most of those contests but it seemed a matter of when before something would go wrong.

With Smyth, Hedjuk, Svatos and Liles among others that should not be happening, they are not nearly as banged up as the Islanders and have more front end talent.

I wonder if Jon Sim was one of those anonymous veterans because he's been this teams best offensive players now for a week and Scott Gordon is giving him minutes, three assist game. It's not pretty but he is getting the kind of goals he scores with hard work and some bounces for his best stretch in two full seasons.

Dean McAmmond his second goal as an Islander after only three in Ottawa.

Andrew Raycroft, did what he does, a matter of when before a shot or two beats him.

Bergenheim a good early rush at the net but needed to shoot.

Still looking for more from Comeau but a little more involved. Okposo's shift by shift game has dropped lately, not generating as he was a while back but he got a little better as the game progressed.

Ryan Smyth was one of Colorado's better looking players with Svatos, they had a nice powerplay setup to beat Danis and almost a second before he beat Danis who did not have his post on the 3-2 goal. Forgot how Smyth played without his leg injury that he had here most of the time, he skated well. Their powerplay worked hard, overall they are just a team not playing very well as a unit.

Danis again was sharp and got a second straight game, he did not react well on the Colorado 2-3 goal but made a great save with the goalie pulled.

Bailey just does not look very involved out there, a second period powerplay, he got pinned, lost the puck, third peroid powerplay when the Isles were getting chances he again turned it over when the puck got to him.

World-class play by Streit to skate into the Colorado zone, find Tambellini who got the puck in his wheelhouse and made a pefect shot inside the post for the 4-2 goal.

Islanders took the play and the momentum back after that with some good shifts in Colorado's zone while the Avs seemed to wait for a turnover/odd-man rush. Defense got in the lanes and made plays to clear the puck, solid efforts on the backline across the board also.

Was that Joensuu who was robbed alone by Raycroft?
It was....

They closed this game very well.

Good night, impressive stuff from a team with only one five goal game. (against a goaltender)

That was Charles Wang smiling in his box with Gary Bettman during the third.

Now we see what the trade deadline brings. Niclas Havelid will be making another trip to the Coliseum, this time with the New Jersey Devils after Atlanta traded him tonight.

Maybe the media will actually write about the game, the team on the ice sure deserved it after this one.

That would be a story in itself.

Islanders website: The class of Charles Wang once again for those who did attend tonight's game or could not make it.

That's another hit takes out of his pocket. I will not shill for him or use this blog for ticket sales, but I do point out when the right thing is done.

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