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Newsday: Greg Logan's game coverage has comments from Jon Sim, Jesse Joensuu and Bruno Gervais.

Newsday: Mr Logan's other article was more speculation on Guerin & Doug Weight with head coach Scott Gordon again commenting on the beatwriter's Saturday article that he does not think Mr Logan's report tells the full story and maintained he has no problems with Guerin staying here as he had no objection with the decision for him to sit out pending a possible trade.

The coach speculated the comments may have been from players no longer here like Campoli, Comrie as sour grapes and maintained he has continued to talk with his captain since the Canadian trip (Jan) several times and has no problem with him and it could be from other areas.

NYI Fan Central Comments:

I wonder how some players feel about this all getting into the paper, causing somewhat of a distraction or if they felt this would go on the record anonymously and if they want to continue to speak with Greg Logan/Newsday?

One thing for sure is Mr Logan is getting max play out of this. The silence from Mr Botta is deafening as he is clearly in the middle in terms of confirming or denying which may have someone unhappy with him in the end but he did get Brendan Witt's comments who made it clear he has no problem with Scott Gordon Point Blank and felt what was reported in the paper should stay in the room.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
As always, visit Mr Botta's blog for the full article he produced.

NY Post: Dan Martin's coverage has some of the same comments from Scott Gordon on Bill Guerin but added Garth Snow did not speak to other teams without Guerin's approval. Jon Sim comments on the teams play, defended Guerin as a " good guy " and that the team would have to be professional if he does return to play.

The coach also maintained the importance is on the younger players making progress and that it works out well for everyone else with Guerin or whoever having an opportunity to win a Stanley Cup.

Daily News: Peter Botte's limited space only has room for Jon Sim's quotes about Guerin as he speculated about possible trades and had no comments or game recap beyond light attendance, who scored and Hunter's late injury that forced him out.

Daily News: Thomas Zambito did receive about the same space for a sports section article on the latest legal update concerning former Islander execs Paul Greenwood and Stephen Walsh.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Nothing from Joensuu, Danis, they deserve better. So does the team the way it has played.

Denver Post: Teri Frei recaps Colorado's loss on Monday but had a full interview with Ryan Smyth Monday here.

"You see the banners and the history the Islanders have had," Smyth said, gesturing at the huge pictures of Islanders past and present and the Stanley Cup flags hanging from the rafters. "There's just something special with what went on."

"It was an emotional time," he said. "I didn't think a trade would ever happen out of Ed-monton, but it did. The Islanders welcomed me with open arms, treated me with a great deal of respect. I have nothing but great things to say about that organization. "We made the playoffs, we got beat out in the first round, but the ownership — Mr. (Charles) Wang — was nice, and was nice about having me and we sat down and chatted for a while. Garth Snow was fresh at being a general manager in the league and he treated not only me but the whole team really well."

Smyth said he did feel a twinge of regret for not re-signing with the Islanders "because they gave up quite a bit to have me. I think overall, it was tough for me to make a quick decision about something that involved not just me, but my whole family. They made offers right up to July 1, and they were right in the mix, too, when we finally made our decision to come to Colorado. I have a great deal of respect for how they treated me in those two months."

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Funny how Mark Herrmann did not write all of that in his no top players will sign here article when he only printed a few words from Smyth. Not like Smyth was obligated to throw that kind of praise around about a team he only played a month or so for two years ago.

Metro Perry Lefko has an interview with Mike Sillinger about all the times he has been traded in his career but had nothing about his future playing status or the current team.

NYI Fan Central Comments:

Funny thing is Sillinger has not been part of the NHL trade deadline for a long time now, maybe by default because of his injuries but he will finish his entire three year contract and talked like a man who will be in Saskatoon this fall.

USA Mike Brehm reports Yann Danis ended January with three consecutive wins, and his play in February earned him USA TODAY's Clutch Goalie title for that month. The computerized formula factors in shutout time, saves, penalty kills and the amount of time playing in a tie game to figure out who's best when the score is tight.

His comments are from the Islanders website in the article.

Harvard Crimson: Jake Fisher has a feature on Islander prospect co-captain Doug Rogers who is credited as a major reason for the Harvard's success. The 6’1, 195-pound center has recorded a point in each of the last five games and leads Harvard with four goals in that stretch.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabio's previews Tuesday's home game against Norfolk and has the Sound Tigers weekly here which happen to include some Jesse Joensuu comments pre-callup.

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