Plan for Final Days at NYIFC

New York Islander Fan Central | 3/22/2009 12:00:00 PM |
Right now I'm looking at the following plans to close NYIFC, I have not made a final decision which one we will go with but one will be announced soon.

1. Stop a few days after the end of the Islanders season when the coverage dries up and the club goes their own way. Not too sure I will have an extensive look back myself.

2. Stop after the NHL lottery as we put a final hopeful touch on the future after we know where the Isles will select in June.

* This is what I'm leaning toward right now.

3. Keep blogging through Bridgeport's playoffs and not include Islander Updates or the World Championships.

4. Keep blogging on all the Islanders, Sound Tigers, World Championships through Bridgeport's playoffs but the problem with that is it could run into June with signing prospects, then extensive draft coverage, free agency, tons of Lighthouse. That includes the injury updates on DiPietro or whoever.

Problem with that plan is who wants to stop when the draft is a few weeks away, then free agency? To me that's almost the start of the next season and the worst time to stop.

That plan will push me into another season of NYIFC.

5. Just leave the blog up without any updates and set the primary crawl to cover Bridgeport's playoffs in full being that NYIFC has a Ct Post Sound Tigers centric feed which the newspaper created for NYIFC a while back.

Still working on it but wanted to let folks know where I stand.

I'm about 99.9 percent sure this blog will be deleted at some point shortly after it stops along with the prospects blog. If you wants links or feeds this is the time to ask.

I would also like to thank everyone for the responses and kind e-mails. I have not gotten back to anyone the last few days so I wanted to tell everyone how much I appreciate it.

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