Poll Update: Sign MacDonald or Danis

New York Islander Fan Central | 3/22/2009 02:00:00 PM |
With a little over a day left in this weeks poll the question was who would you resign between Joey MacDonald and Yann Danis if you could only pick one for next season.

Joey MacDonald 7 (9%)

Yann Danis 65 (90%)

Votes so far: 72

I picked day one and selected MacDonald and find myself in the minority big-time which is ok. What he did early in front a a struggling team impressed me more as he held them in contention but it's a win-win choice given how both played from day one of camp.

The prospects for only one staying with Peter Mannino a signed prospect and Nate Lawson's outstanding play and new contract (yet to be announced by NYI.COM) makes it obvious unless DiPietro is not ready to play it will be one or the other as backup because there is no apparent spot in Bridgeport.

I also believe their collective play takes Wade Dubielewicz off the Islander radar entirely for good now in terms of any summer resigning unless both MacDonald and Danis signed elsewhere which is possible, but not likely.

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