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Not much happening right now, but the Bridgeport Sound Tigers are playing at this time for your dining and dancing pleasure.

Tsn.ca: Darren Dreger updated at 3:30pm with nothing new on Guerin.

The media is playing the waiting game as with each passing hour reporters/outlets scramble to all their un-named sources to all conflict with one another to where no one really knows anything about a thirty eight year old pending UFA.

At least you get about five different and conflicting versions if that's a story as the media stumbles all over one another.

The local media wants no part of Yann Danis's one goal against in three starts or a good win last night or how well Bergenheim has played.

Not News or Newsday worthy. After all these are under-rated players which is how they become this way and stay that way. Maybe we can get some comments from Bergenheim or Danis about how they do not like the coach so they can get some coverage.

When they play well sure does not get it done. No wonder DiPietro is so guarded around Newsday when he rarely speaks with them.

Newsday: Greg Logan covered an actual Sunday practice without a game (which may be the biggest news of all) and seemed to want to keep his big Saturday story on the player-coach relationship in the spotlight as again head coach Scott Gordon had to face the music from the beatwriter and said he has no problem with Bill Guerin if he did return to play here and talked about the veterans roles moving forward among several subjects.

Scott Gordon according to Mr Logan has not spoken with general manager Garth Snow as the beatwriter noted Ryan Smyth practiced Sunday and played the speculation game if he had signed here.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I guess Smyth will be the Monday story, as it should be to a degree.

Looks like Mr Botta's updates/speculation are forcing Mr Logan to work a little harder to produce his own speculation. Mr Botta for his part is steering clear of the man who writes is his " buddy " about his locker-room story for now.

For myself, I would trade Bill Guerin with Greg Logan for George Richards and a pick right now and call it a day which would be a great trade. Tarik-El Bashir in Washington would be a steal for Logan in a media deal also.

I would throw in Mark Herrmann for future considerations but he's Ranger property.

Maybe Islanders president Chris Dey should sign Helene Elliott as an unrestricted free agent writer from Los Angeles, we could use five more folks in Mr Botta's current role (with him) to help the media coverage.

No folks, once again I have no problem with any writer doing negative stories on the New York Islanders, however when they surface weeks or months later with no names attached to the negative quotes simply because someone could be traded I think that begs fair questions on our part as to why did we had to wait so long and why not put the names to the anonymous quotes if they are going to be released to the public at a time of the writers approval for maximum play?

For a team lacking features on players in Newsday or blog entries I feel these are very fair questions to ask.

NYIFC Notable:
If a feature added to the blog is making it a problem to view the page, let me know right away.

Two folks contacted me about the sidebar cutting a portion of the main blog entries, so I eliminated the Sportsnet trade widget and added another one to the crawl.

One person had a problem reading comments in dark print, that may depend on your personal color settings. But clicking on comments should bring up a box with white print for easy reading.

As of now Wednesday's live blog at 1pm is still a go. I simply cannot guarantee for sure until Wednesday.

The response to this blog as usual has been overwhelming as I think we came close to new records Sunday. I not into writing about the page views or hits and have scaled back that part since last season.

Either way, thank you.

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