Recent record reflects more competitive team

New York Islander Fan Central | 3/03/2009 10:00:00 AM |
From 11/29-1/17: (or day Guerin-Weight praised Scott Gordon in Boston) 5-17-3
From 1/19/to 3/2: 8-7-3

Nothing to throw a parade about in a league where five hundred borders on a lottery pick but obvious for over a month the Islanders have stopped their free fall despite the never ending injuries here.

More importantly:

Five of the seven losses were one goal games or an open net scored against with a lot of kids and roster turnover.

Other than the recent Flyer loss with self-inflicted breakdowns in a 2-1 game during the third period or Carolina game which was not a good effort, I would submit they have done a good job all things considered.

We'll see what comes next but obviously Scott Gordon has them playing competitive hockey.

For those looking at some comparison to last season after the six game Feb winning streak which ended 2/23/08 they finished 5-13-2 from that point.

I pushed it back a week from last season because technically speaking the Isles would be at or close to their 2/23/08 point in their season last year which started and finished a week earlier.

Of course that team finished three games under with the bulk of injuries in March.
This team is deep into double-digits under five hundred and already surpassed last seasons final total of 402 man games lost.

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