New York 3, Tampa Bay 1

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/04/2009 09:50:00 PM |
Associated Press: Recaps New York's 3-1 win over Tampa Bay Saturday.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
The surprise of the day for me in this one was Scott Gordon breaking his goaltender rotation and starting Danis who had been struggling badly at home recently with MacDonald needing a home game of his own to start.

Maybe the coach wanted to put him back in and see how he responds? I'm not sure what to read into that.

The rest of this was a lot of callups on both sides and kind of an ugly choppy game with not many great chances on either side. The Islanders were a little more rested and got a nice break in the opening minute on good hustle by Park. Tampa only generated seven shots at Martin Broduer last night but scored three times, tonight Danis had to make a few very good close in saves but nothing sustained.

For the Islanders what caught my attention was Tambellini going shoulder to shoulder with a 6'4 220lb defender on the Lightning and sending him flying, that's how he's going to win the pucks and find space to use his excellent shot which McKenna had no chance on when Tambellini hit the post in the third.

Joensuu had some very visible shifts, two more points and Iggulden flattened someone on the Lightning. The play to set up Bailey for a breakaway goal on the powerplay was as good as you can ask for. Gervais and Comeau very visible and effective games.

Radek Martinek seems to like scoring against Tampa Bay in 3-1 wins at the Coliseum which is his fourth goal since that game on 2/3.

Just have to let the games play out folks and let the lottery take it's course.

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