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Newsday: Greg Logan in the Islanders Newsday blog reports indications are BU defenseman Matt Gilroy is expected to sign with another team or what the writer refers to as " one of the larger markets " despite his agent Ken Hughes being quoted as saying "I don't want to comment on the Islanders, and as far as the teams it's down to, until he's made a decision, I'd rather leave it but a decision should be made by next week at the latest."

NYI Fan Central Comments:

Nothing like Mr Logan telling us the New York Islanders are not one of the larger markets despite playing in New York. Jim Kelley who also writes for SI has more theories on the Islanders-Tampa, possible trades where he gave his slant on general manager Garth Snow's Toronto radio appearances and felt Tampa may have to shed salary and has made past deals with the Leafs.

NYI Fan Central Comments:

Yes folks, the same Jim Kelley of SI who also wrote last summer coaches don't object to being passed over for the Islander coaching job here without producing a quote from a candidate who interviewed and was later critical of the club for not giving what he wrote was legitimate information regarding injuries back in November here despite the Islanders going by league adopted injury policy which many clubs did follow the entire season.

It sure would be nice if one of these writers would simply write we have no star player to cover where we mostly report, so we need yours to make our jobs more fun.

Globe & Mail: Eric Duhatschek has comments from former Islander Adrian Aucoin about how the Islanders were confident playing Tampa in 03-04 in the opening round based on the season series but things were far different come playoff time.

Minneaota Wild: Owner Craig Leipold announced Thursday General Manager Doug Risebrough’s contract will not be renewed as the Wild now have to find a new gm and head coach.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Even though the Wild did not win a championship that was a heck of a nine year run, I wonder if this changes the status of Marian Gaborik who is an UFA?

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio had the practice report from Thursday before the Sound Tigers head to the Coliseum for the Friday-Saturday games.

In the Quick Hits Department:

Not much to write (I don't think any articles were missed here) about all the spin from Toronto/Canadian Media on Tavares-Hedman-Snow-Burke-Lawton beyond what I been writing here since day one.

Drop the Long Island tag on virtually every single aspect of this franchise and maybe, just maybe the New York City media will have more to write about the hockey team and stop treating the team like outsiders?

It never used to be this way.

All I can write is the New York Islanders are making it every easy for NYC sports editors to tune out your product in a market no hockey team can compete with baseball, football or basketball.

The New York Islanders create many of their own problems here and do a good job shutting out their fans all over the NYC area or make them feel like they are rooting for the wrong hockey team if someone is interested in the sport. It's the equivalent of the Giants and Jets forcing New Jersey into every single press release and making potential customers tune out.

New York Islanders means all of New York and the Islander fan support at Msg and New Jersey for decades has been great, for the final time start acting like you play in New York.

Toronto? I was in Maple Leaf Gardens 3/3/84 the night when Pat Lafontaine had his hat-trick in his debut as a rookie in what was an 11-6 win a few hundred Islander fans were sitting center ice cheering for the New York team when they were hockey's most important team in it's greatest sustained period ever for popularity at least in the New York market and arguably in league history.

Why would I write that? Because in those days I could purchase the Daily News, NY Post and see the New York Islanders on the backpage for any game against any team during the regular season the next day with a lot of coverage.

Now it would take a virtual miracle for any New York Hockey team to receive a backpage during the regular season.

For the New York Islanders the question coming is how long before the City media tunes out for good?

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