So What's Next For New York Islanders/NYIFC?

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/16/2009 05:50:00 PM |
I actually deleted my earlier entry by mistake, so I re-wrote most of it.

The curtain closes on NYIFC Friday for good but for New York Islander fans there is always something happening.

Like several NHL teams in or out of the playoffs, the Islanders this year have their AHL team involved for the first time in two years.

There is also the World Championships for at least Streit, Okposo, Scott Gordon with perhaps Bergenheim and who knows among the prospects in Europe?

Between all the pre-draft articles/combines, contract negotiations with CHL prospects who could re-enter the draft from 2007 if not signed by June 1st, Islander player contract decisions, the restocking of the AHL roster this summer as I wrote a while back summer is going to go very quickly, especially in an Olympic year.

Of course there will a lot of Lighthouse sprinkled in with every twist and turn with the draft itself and 7/1 decisions to be made. No doubt there will be a ton of media drama with the Islanders first round pick.

And there is prospect camp which is always a big event.

Not even five months, more like four months and two weeks.

As for NYIFC:

I intend to hit the ground running as I did here, the things I have planned will keep me very busy.

NYIFC itself will be available to everyone for the entire Bridgeport playoff run and WC.

I have decided not to delete the blog entirely so at the very least I can read things when I want to moving forward with so many feeders and crawls set up to provide information top to bottom, it's a great resource for information even without blog entries any longer.

I will still most likely set the blog to private when WC-Bridgeport playoffs end.

As for coming back to write at NYIFC in the future at some point you can put me down as 99.99 percent that will not be happening ever again.

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