The Final Goodbye...

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/11/2009 06:50:00 PM |
Islanders leave Saturday for Saskatoon so that is when both blogs go off-line/private.

I set up the preseason roster, audio blogged or wrote what I think will happen on the ice and gave analysis on latest lighthouse news countless times with a lot of other things.

I got a little busy here for the final few days to send everyone into the season best as I could.

I hope for the best on and off the ice for the New York Islanders moving forward and I do think this team will be in contention. Off the ice I said/wrote everything I thought and not sure how it will end up but feel a compromise will happen at some point to allow the project to be constructed and this team will be here regardless until at least 2015 with no owner moving them away from a 300m dollar cable deal in the NY market whether they play at Coliseum, Queens or across the street from Msg as they have the right to relocate anywhere in New York.

Feel free to google cache, internet archive to keep viewing working links or old entries but I will not be making any more changes.

Nothing else to be done here now, once again Thank You very much.

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