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New York Islander Fan Central and the Prospect Blog have been Updated/Re-opened and will now remain open and updated for the entire 2009-10 season.

I have finally come up with a format that works for me and that is using Twitter as the exclusive NYIFC written blog with smaller updates but it's feeds and crawls will be linked here with all the other media feeds professional and otherwise.

I have been writing on Twitter during training camp and preseason.

No written blog entries will be made from NYIFC other than this single entry to inform everyone.

No more indecision, changes, closings, experiments, final decisions or goodbye's, you have gotten more than enough of that from this me since last April.

I ran a close second to the indecision on the Lighthouse and as I wrote in August I'm sorry about that.

New York Islander Fan Central is back to writing about our team and that's the way it will now stay as one of the hardest working NY Islander amateur blogs anywhere.

You deserve nothing less.

The only promise of possible changes I will give all my loyal readers is if Twitter does not work out NYIFC will reopen with full entries as we had since it's inception and if space permits the prospect blog returning to this page.

Regardless, it's time to get back to work.

Thank You Very Much.

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