Forget The Payroll, Stick With The Plan

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/27/2009 10:23:00 PM |
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Seems a lot of media and fans never learn.

It makes no difference what is spent on payroll but that Garth Snow stick with his plan, that's a point many do not seem to get as they write or discuss New York Islander payroll and the roster.

You remember that plan, the one most wanted Mike Milbury to follow but did not show up and support a decade ago? I guess some want Bergenheim, Nielsen, Comeau, Tambellini traded or even Okposo, Bailey not here or in the minors.

From Boedker in Phoenix or Filatov in Columbus no matter how you do it there will always be questions and no perfect answer unless a player produces immediately.

Why is it so hard for some folks to understand this team went into the summer with most of it's forwards and all it's defenders signed to one way contracts already (less Nate Thompson's two way deal) and that this is not a payroll or ownership commitment to save money no matter how it's spun but sticking with your plan.

How many times did I write or audio blog during the summer that if you want to add you have to subtract. Did some of you even note all the one-way contracts here?

Nine, you have nine spots for your three top forward lines.

You want to make a point Garth Snow could have or should have traded players to add talent which increases salary that's fair enough but it still begs the question who?

I wrote about a trade of Hunter or not resigning Weight/Hilbert or moving Richard Park. We all know there was Jon Sim bouncing up and down the waiver wire. I also wrote about trading for Dany Heatley or even claiming Avery last season so I'm not immune to changes but ones that do not alter the plan.

This team up front went into July with virtually no spots available to make such a signing without changing it's plans.

Forwards: Tambellini, Comeau, Bergenheim, Okposo, Nielsen, Bailey and Tavares take up seven of your top nine forward spots. After that it's Trent Hunter, Weight, Park, Jackman and Jon Sim.

Moulson for now is the surprise.

That's thirteen forwards not counting Nate Thompson's two-way contract or Rob Schremp claimed off waivers.

On defense Garth Snow went into July with six defenders all on one way contract with Jack Hillen eventually signed to a one-way contract with MacDonald, Kohn, Katic and in Bridgeport and a lot of prospects on defense.

They had one open position in goal and that's where the money was spent. You want to question the choices that is fair game.

Folks want to write or question the owners commitment or what his payroll is I suggest a little common sense and note the roster spots already taken by one-way contracts. This is not a video game where you carry twenty forwards and ten defenders.

Plus there are a lot of top nine forwards in Bridgeport that time and money have been invested in.

You want to blame the general manager for not adding a scoring right wing in a trade that's fair enough because it's what the team needs right now but with Okposo, Hunter and a spot required for Doug Weight it should not have been such a priority they change the plan.

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