Bottom Line: It's getting late early

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For those who feel this is a rebuilding year for the New York Islanders, think again.

Clock is ticking folks, another three weeks of this and we can start talking about next year. In this league you cannot fall ten points behind the final playoff spot and have five or six teams in front of you fighting for the eighth seed.

Look at the age on this defense or Park, Weight, Sim up front. All the years put into developing Bergenheim, Comeau, Nielsen or since taking on Tambellini in 2006.

That is not a rebuilding.....

We have done the numbers plenty of times, 10-12 games over five hundred now is not enough, you need to be in that 12-15 games over five hundred range with at least
ninety four points or better.

Bottom line, I don't care what's said before games, show us on the ice and save the words. No excuses this far in for the teams best offensive players to be Matt Moulson, John Tavares.

Either the coach gets the most out of these players or he has to go or the players are simply not good enough and they have to go.

The coach also has to resolve his lineup problems and put players in their natural positions or the general manager has to do his job and resolve them for him.

This team has one win based on bounces/redirections from Sutton and Jackman and they could not even hold on to the lead in that game.

Bottom line:
It's getting late early.

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