Newsday Ends Free Coverage 10/28

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/22/2009 01:48:00 PM |
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Associated Press/Several outlets: Report as of October 28th Cablevision owned Newsday will start restricting Web access to non-subscribers beginning next Wednesday with the price five dollars per week.

NYIFC Comments:

No big loss here as far as I'm concerned, but for those who still want the coverage get ready to pay the Dolans five dollars a week to read Mr Herrmann, Staple and others keep the proverbial glass mostly empty on the New York Islanders and the glass entirely full or not write a word at all about the teams Cablevision owns.

It should be noted Msg's franchise team, the Knicks open 10/28.

Don't waste your money would be my advice to everyone.

Not surprising Mr Botta was guarded/muted in his response, he seems to be far quicker these days to criticize his former employer's hockey operations/off ice decisions (at times contradicting his earlier viewpoint) than risk a response from the Newsday staff as he received last year when he criticized Greg Logan and Newsday here after the former beatwriter took what Mr Botta felt at the time were "carefully worded jabs" regarding his blog and how it was sponsored.

Bottom line Mr Botta did not criticize Newsday but has been quick to go out of his way to criticize his former employer. Positive or negative all content & commentary must treat everyone exactly the same or what's the point?

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